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The Gravel Pizza Overnighter is a community bikepacking event tucked right where you'd expect it halfway between the woods, farm country, and the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin. Here we bring you to Part 2 of a series of getting to know the experience at a closer level.

To learn more, visit the Gravel Pizza Overnighter page. Also check out Part 1 (The Gravel) and stay tuned for Part 3 (Wedges Creek Pizza Farm).

Rivers, Ice Cream, and Lakeside Drinks

Part of enjoying the fall is taking time to slow down, be together, and stopping to take in your surroundings.

Gravel Pizza takes us off the grid and off the race clock. We picked some stops we hope you love. Places to grab a cone or just look at the lake with a with a drink and some new friends.

We pre-rode Gravel Pizza to share a few photos of what to expect along the route and the highlights we hope you'll check out during the ride.

Vojtik's Stockyard [Mile 19]

After crossing a few rivers and winding around Horse Creek Road, we'll get to Vojtik's (VOY-checks) Stockyard. It's a restaurant, meat market, ice cream shoppe, and gift shop all in one place.

We can grab a drink to cool down, mid-ride ice cream, or just a meat stick for good measure. Heck, if you forgot to eat before the ride, you can fill up on deep friend onion rings like my friend Garrett on our pre-ride.


Sure, we tried to pick some nice establishments to stop at. But the real highlights? Rivers, forests, and empty gravel roads in the fall. We'll cross Horse Creek, Hay Creek, Dickerson Creek, and the Eau Claire River at least 3 times.

Getting to ride our bikes is a blessing and living up north with so much to explore is what keeps inspiring us.

A.K.A. Lakeside [Mile 34]

To be honest, I wasn't sure if this was "Aka" or "A.K.A." until I saw the dots on the exterior sign.

In the tiny town of Rock Dam on Hay Creek is a nice little lake with a nice little lakeside bar. They've got a great patio on the water and probably a whole butt ton of ATVs when the sun goes down at night. After rolling out of A.K.A. Lakeside, it's just 12 more miles until Wedges Creek.

Wedges Creek Hideaway [Mile 46]

Our last leg of Day 1 brings us into the hilly farmland grid where we'll find a wooded gravel corner to gather for the evening at Wedges Creek hideaway.

Set up your tent, take a hot shower, and grab your free welcome drink in the pavilion. There will be live music, blazing pizza ovens, and campfires to gather around as the fall evening sets in.

To see a gallery of photos from our pre-ride to Wedges Creek, check out Part 1 and stay tuned for Part 3 of "Get to Know Gravel Pizza".

To learn more, visit the Gravel Pizza Overnighter page.

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Scott Gabriel
Scott Gabriel
Sep 01, 2022

Getting excited for this!




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