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Tour De Chequamegon Bikepacking Route
The Coon Fork Overnighter was designed to be a Northwoods treat for brand new bikepackers looking for their first adventure as well as seasoned adventure cyclists needing a snappy gravel S240.

Created By: Josh Rizzo



65 Miles​


2 Days

% Unpaved



2,576 Ft

The Coon Fork Overnighter winds through tangled waterways and just rolls its way through lively forests. This route straddles the Eau Claire County and Clark County Forests which both allow dispersed camping with permits. With ample options for wild camping spots among the mixed vegetation, along waterways, or at one of several established campgrounds, you can stay somewhere new on every trip.

The route is almost 90% unpaved and includes several different types of wooded gravel roads, snakey ATV routes, and short paved sections through Wisconsin farm country. Having numerous options for camping, parking, and stopping for food or drinks, it can easily be customized for longer or shorter route versions.

After (or during) a day of great riding, sometimes the best parts are what happen off the bike. My recommendations? Grab a drink and sit on the deck at Boondock’s Bar & Grill, go swimming at Hamilton Falls or Rock Dam, or grab some bomb cheese curds with an ice cream cone chaser at Vojtik’s Stockyard.

​Route Difficulty: This route was intended to be accessible to riders new to bikepacking. The mileage is reasonable, there are no technical sections, and the total elevation isn’t too high. Most of the surrounding area is gravel roads which means it can be lengthened or shortened and still mostly avoid pavement. There are several sandy sections where you might have to walk, but they aren’t very long.

If You Go, Here's What You Need to Know:

Route Highlights

1. Hamilton Falls is right on the ATV route and is a great place to dip your feet.

2. Coon Fork has nice private campsites, hiking trails, and twin beaches.

3. Boondock’s Bar & Grill is the authentic Wisconsin country bar. Number of beers on tap? Zero. Number of locals who love Boondocks’ burgers and Busch Light? All of them.

4. Whitetail deer are everywhere and are especially active right before dark.

5. The dam at Rock Dam is beautiful for a swim or lunch stop.

6. Cheese curds and ice cream are a must have at Vojtik’s Stockyard

7. Wedges Creek for camping and pizza is a hidden gem. You'll have to build-your-own-detour to add this to your route and you'll be glad you did.

Must Know


Food & Water

Trail Notes

Coon Fork Overnighter Bikepacking Route Map:


Josh Rizzo is the founder of The Nxrth. He loves bike adventures with his family and friends and knows that it's not about the destination. Heck it's not even about the journey. It's about the snacks that get you from point A to point B.

Disclaimer: If you choose to ride this route, you do so at your own risk. You are 100% responsible for being prepared for all conditions and making sure that biking these routes is legal. Before riding, check local weather, road conditions, closures, and property ownership. Obey all traffic laws and follow land use restrictions. Do not ride these routes without proper safety equipment and navigational tools. The accuracy of these routes cannot be guaranteed neither can we guarantee that these routes are on public property. and its contributors are in no way liable for the personal injury or damage to property that may result from cycling this route or any other routes on this website.




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