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Author: Josh Rizzo @the_nxrth

The Nxrth is your basecamp for all things gravel, fat, and bikepacking in the Northwoods of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the U.P. We'll be posting regular event coverage, ride reports, and stories of the creative and adventurous cyclists from around these parts.

Hey friends and riding partners! This is Josh Rizzo from The Nxrth. I started this site in January of 2022 to tell your stories and highlight the incredible, wild, and beautiful places we love to ride. Join the community by signing up for The Nxrth newsletter and we'll keep you in the know. Let's ride!

About Me

Based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, I'm a sucker for overnighters, winter cycling, and biking to the local pizza farm with my wife and kids.

I love short adventures. My main philosophy around bike adventures comes from Edmund Hillary (the first person to climb Mount Everest's summit) who said, "I have found that long expeditions are rarely as much fun as short ones".

My goal is to connect the off-pavement cycling community with the best events, people, and destinations in the Northwoods. If you have a story or event you want to share, feel free to get in touch!

What Does "The Nxrth" Mean?

You know what, that's a great question.

The answer is...I'm not exactly sure.

I love the feeling of having our own special thing in the Northwoods and I guess the "x" reminds me of turning every ride into an adventure, getting off-grid, finding new paths, and just enjoying creation together. Wow - what a beautiful world we live in!

(Plus, adding an "x" just makes everything look cooler.)

New Here? Here's Where To Start.

I'm jacked that you stopped in to check the place out! Here is where I recommend starting.

1. Join The Nxrth newsletter

The number one way to join the community and learn about new events, connect with other cyclists, and read route reports.

2. Follow us on Instagram:

Get inspired with beautiful photography of epic rides from your own neighbors doing what they love most: riding bikes and trying not to get injured.

3. Read news from WI, MN, and the U.P.:

This is where your stories live. Find out more about the best places to ride and follow along with other cyclists.

4. Watch videos made in the Northwoods:

Camera + drone + embellished storytelling = the best videos. Sit back, fill up some pasties with cheese curds, and enjoy some great video storytelling.

Well, hey, keep in touch.

Have a story to share or just want to say "hi"? Reach out at josh at thenxrth dot com. Hopefully I'll get to meet more of you, ride together, or bump into eachother at an event someday. In the meantime, poke around the site and let me know what we can add.


Josh Rizzo

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