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The Gravel Pizza Overnighter is a community bikepacking event tucked right where you'd expect it halfway between the woods, farm country, and the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin. Here we introduce you to Part 1 of a series of getting to know the experience at a closer level.

To learn more, visit the Gravel Pizza Overnighter page. Also check out Part 2 (The Route Highlights) and stay tuned for Part 3 (Wedges Creek Pizza Farm).

This is Gravel Pizza

We've spent a lot of time hand-picking the best collection of rolling gravel, winding B-roads, a pinch of double-track, and a wholesome dose of gridded corn fields.

The Nxrth is HQ'd in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin and we wanted to invite you all to join us riding our backyard gravel and camping together with incredible wood-fired pizza.

A Mix of Everything We Love

We'll roll out together from the event starting point and jump right onto 5 miles of windy ATV trail. This is the softest section of the route, includes some sand, and will almost certainly require you hop off and walk some sections.

We'll then say goodbye soft sand/dirt for the rest of the day and start meandering through mixed gravel roads. The route snakes through maple-y forests that should be changing colors as well as tall rolling pine stands.

Highlights on Day 1 include optional stops for ice cream, cheese curds, or a refreshing drink from Vojtik's Stockyard Food (mile 19) and another optional stop for a drink at Aka Lakeside (mile 34) in Rock Dam.

Destination: Pizza in the Pines

Our last leg of Day 1 brings us into the hilly farmland grid where we'll find a wooded gravel corner to gather for the evening at Wedges Creek hideaway.

Set up your tent, take a hot shower, and grab your free welcome drink in the pavilion. There will be live music, blazing pizza ovens, and campfires to gather around as the fall evening sets in.

To see more photos from our pre-ride to Wedges Creek, check out Part 2 (Route Highlights) and stay tuned for Part 3 of "Get to Know Gravel Pizza".

To learn more, visit the Gravel Pizza Overnighter page.

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Chris Bartling
Chris Bartling
Aug 30, 2022

Great photos! Really digging this site. Awesome content updates delivered to my inbox each week. Keep up the good work!




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