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Tour De Chequamegon Bikepacking Route

The Driftless region of WI, MN, and IA was missed by the glacial flattening of the surrounding area. Here the rivers cut deeper and the hills roll freely. This route runs both sides of the Wisconsin/Minnesota border and explores the region for 3-4 days.

Created By: Nicolette Reker @nikity_nak



168 Miles​




9,137 feet

The Driftless Loop gives an overview of the Southeastern Minnesota Driftless area with a brief jaunt across the cheddar curtain crossing the Mississippi river at LaCrosse and again in Winona.

It includes several camping options and passes through towns to reduce the amount of food and cooking supplies you'll need to pack along. If you're from the area, you'll love that our beloved Kwik Trip stores make several appearances on the route where you can pick up some Glazers or a corn dog for your jersey pocket.

While the majority of the route is gravel, it stops in several towns. Make sure to leave time for the many coffee stops along the route and Island City Brewing in Winona.

Driftless Loop Bikepacking Route Map:


Disclaimer: If you choose to ride this route, you do so at your own risk. You are 100% responsible for being prepared for all conditions and making sure that biking these routes is legal. Before riding, check local weather, road conditions, closures, and property ownership. Obey all traffic laws and follow land use restrictions. Do not ride these routes without proper safety equipment and navigational tools. The accuracy of these routes cannot be guaranteed neither can we guarantee that these routes are on public property. and its contributors are in no way liable for the personal injury or damage to property that may result from cycling this route or any other routes on this website.

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