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Eau Claire, Wisconsin is located at the confluence of two beautiful rivers and is a launchpad for three distinct gravel biking adventure clusters. Discover new gravel roads, happen upon unexpected rural gathering spots, then make it a full experience with downtown Eau Claire's vibrant city adventures.

Lay of the Land

Eau Claire is centrally located between three totally distinct areas that are a short drive away. You're either driving 40 minutes east or 30 minutes southwest to get on these routes. A little bit of driving simply means there's a whole bunch of variety within  these routes and Eau Claire is a beautiful spot to basecamp and enjoy the unique food, parks, and boutique downtown lodging options before and after riding.

All 4 Ingredients to perfect biking live right here: Deep woods, tangled waterways, Wisco farms, and a slice of the Driftless.

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Where to Ride Gravel From Eau Claire

We've broken this map into three distinct clusters.

Augusta is your all-gravel deepwoods hideout. You could make an entire weekend of exploring the roads, rivers, cascades, and campgrounds and wondering, "what's down this side road?"

Mondovi is our slice of the Driftless. Big long hills and sweeping views the entire time. There's fairly equal portions of gravel and pavement and you'll fall in love with these valleys.

Menomonie has a great riverside route featured here with possibly the best coffee shop and pizza/brewery destination in the entire area.

Eau Claire Gravel 15.jpg
Route Descriptions

Augusta Cluster

The Eau Claire forest and Clark Country forest intersect here around a patchwork of dirt. As you navigate around curious fire lanes and grab snacks on bridges over the Eau Claire river and Horse Creek, you'll notice that the types of gravel you're riding on are constantly changing. Just as you're getting used to the roads, they dance away and a new partner enters for a few miles until it all changes again.

Horse Creek Goat Ranch | 30 Miles

Three of the best winding, rolling loops smashed into one short route. You'll cross Horse Creek twice, the north and south fork of the Eau Claire river and go right by Coon Fork county park by way of Goat Ranch Road. You may see some ATVs on the weekend, otherwise these are ultra low traffic roads and ATV trails. Link to Map.

The Camp Globe CCC | 52 Miles

During the Great Depression, the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) recruited young unemployed men to do conversation and forestry work. One of those units was Camp Globe which was founded in 1934. Up to 200 men worked from Camp Globe on fire prevention, reforestation projects, and the creation of fire lanes.


This route briefly takes you on Camp Globe Road. Throughout the area you can imagine the young men of the Great Depression era working to conserve the forests you're riding through and helping to construct the fire lanes that we now use to explore this beautiful forest. Link to Map.

Christmas Gravel | 80 Miles

On the 4th of July in 1857, Augusta, Wisconsin had its first  recorded celebration. The village was recently organized so to mark the occasion, an American flag was made from the aprons of village residents and a regular Christmas dinner was served.

Though this route only takes you through the outskirts of Augusta, you can get a sense of America's small town spirit during the 1800s and celebrate the communities that still bring us together today. Link to Map.


Mondovi Cluster

These two routes near Mondovi are your delightful slice of the Driftless region. Long punchy climbs through rippling valleys make these routes a ton of fun. You'll regularly go back and forth between gravel and pavement on both routes.

The Battle of Mondovi | 25 Miles

To start this ride you'll drive through the city of Mondovi. It was organized in 1855 and named to commemorate the battle of Mondovi, Italy where the Napoleon Bonaparte led French army defeated the Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont which ultimately led to the loss of Northwest Italy.

Enjoy some long accents, constant views of nonstop hills, and hold-on-tight descents down hills like Carr Valley and Gilman Valley. Link to Map.

Churches | 40 Miles

In rural 19th century, communities centered around churches just as much as they centered around towns. This route passes several historic rural Norwegian and German churches and one of them is the Thompson Valley Church. It was burned down by arsonry and is now just a small, quiet cemetery on a hill. If you're riding here on a weekend, you can imagine the gatherings, celebrations, weddings, and funerals that took place at these community centers wrapped around winding driftless valley roads.  Link to Map.


Menomonie Cluster

It might be disingenuous to call this a 'gravel area'. To be fair, it's a lot of things but it's not a typical gravel segment. You'll be riding on gravel, pavement, sand, and grass and you'll always be close to the river.

Dunnville Dirt Dreams | 33/66 Miles for one-way or out-and-back

This is a rad route. It's kinda janky when you're going through the Dunnville natural area but then you ride the awesome Red Cedar Trail with constant river views and 11 converted railroad bridges, and end at the best wood-fired pizzeria and brewery ever, Lucette. You can do this route in one of three ways: a. make this a one way trip, b.) go out and back on the same route, or c.) cut the corner back to your car via paved roads. No matter how you ride it, you GOTTA stop at Lucette for pizza and drinks. Park at the trailhead lot in Carryville. Link to Map.

Eau Claire Gravel 11.jpg

Where to Stay

The Oxbow

This is the ultimate boutique hotel with all of the vibe-y things you could ask for. If you're coming to town for a gravel weekend and it's available, you should 100% book it. Turntables in every room, woodsy everything, outdoor patio with fireplaces and a kubb pitch, and located right in middle of Eau Claire's downtown, trails, and rivers. Learn More.


The Lismore

Right in the heart of downtown, this hotel also houses 3 fantastic food and drink options: ECDC, The Informalist, and Dive. All three have outdoor seating with the Dive offering rooftop cocktails. Learn More.

Coon Fork Lake Campground

This is the most central place to camp if you're hitting the Augusta Cluster gravel routes and it's a GREAT campground. It's right in the woods, there are playgrounds, two beaches, and you're at the front door of all the best routes. Learn More.

Wedges Creek

Wood-oven pizza, camping, music, and tiny cabins all tucked right in the corner of the woods and farmland at the end of a robust gravel road. This is a really special place worth spending an entire evening. You can basecamp here and go on day rides to explore rivers or little towns. Learn More.

Where to Grab Drinks in the Evening

The Lakely

This is a must stop if you're coming through Eau Claire and as soon as you sit down for a drink, you'll wish you were also staying at The Oxbow (the hotel/motel portion of this business). Definitely get an Old Fashioned here then sit out on the patio around a fire or cozy on up in the deeply Northwoods inspired lounge. They also have a full menu of artfully crafted dishes. Learn More.

The Brewing Projekt

Rooftop patio, trailside lawn, and rustic industrial vibes make it this a HOT destination for evening drinks. They have tons of goofy rotating flavors (mostly IPAs) and you can bring in your food so we usually show up with our own pizza. Learn More.


Upscale rooftop lounge with fancy shmancy cocktails. It's right on the main drag downtown and is also a part of The Lismore hotel. Learn More.

The Joynt

Going to The Joynt is almost a requirement at some point in your life if you're going through Eau Claire. There is no sign out front, no light beers, and it's an Eau Claire institution. It has a deep jazz history and not many tables. Take your time, sit around, shoot the crap, and don't make any plans. Learn More.


This one is not in Eau Claire but it's right on the gravel network. It's your classic middle-of-nowhere townie bar with some great bar food. Learn More.

Where to Eat

The Nucleus

Best Eau Claire breakfast, period. Be ready to wait at brunch time on a Saturday. Seating is kind of sprawled out into a few cobbled together areas. My suggestion? Get El Presidente for hashbrowns with chorizo and a whole bunch of other junk or Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes (but they sell out, so order early). Learn More.

Wedges Creek

This one is mentioned in the lodging section but it's worth dropping here for food. If you have the time to spend an evening here, it's tough to beat. It's right on the gravel network and food, drinks, and environment makes for a perfect wind down location. Learn More.

Lucette Brewery

This is my favorite spot to bike for food and drinks. They make incredible wood-fired pizza and it's all in a beautiful brewery with a family-friendly atmosphere and it's located right on the Red Cedar bike trail. Learn More.

Vojtik's Stockyard

A great mid-ride stop or place to park your car. They've got ice cream, cheese curds, meat sticks, and plenty of other great stuff on the menu. Learn More.

Ray's Place

This is your absolute hole-in-the-wall bar. It's not clustered with any of the other high-traffic spots and they only serve a few things. Here's what to get: hot beef sandwiches (it'll probably fall apart into a big greasy pile. don't fret), spanish or split pea soup, and their cheese and crackers (served with burning hot horseradish). Learn More.


After a crazy ride, it's hard to beat a crazy burger and these are my favorite Eau Claire burgers. It's not a huge place so try going at a not super popular time if you want to grab a booth. Learn More.

Tacos Juanita

Mom and pop Mexican food in a highway exit setting. But don't the let the highway exit part scare you away. This is River Prairie and it's a GREAT spot, even for locals. There's awesome trails, little streams, splash pad, great views, and tons of grass. Go ahead, take a walk around the loop when you're done with supper. Learn More.

4 Mile Restaurant & Bar

Is it Friday? Get the fish fry. Is it any other day? Get the ribeye. Learn More.

Where to Grab Coffee

SHIFT Cyclery & Coffee Bar

This is the THE biking headquarters downtown. Coffee and bike shop all in one. Shove some liege waffles in your jersey pocket, catch whatever European roadie race is on the tv, pick up some bike parts you forgot, then belly up to the bar and sip your cortado. Learn More.

The Nostalgic Bean

Yes, this is in the coffee section but the real reason you're here is the bakery. It's the bakery you wish was on small town Main Street for all of your rural rides. It's the from-scratch authentic french bakery that has your sweet tooth singing sweet little nothings. Learn More.


Scatterbrain Cafe

Right on the Red Cedar Trail, this is some high quality small town espresso that you should take a break for. Learn More.

Bike Shops

SHIFT Cyclery & Coffee Bar - Eau Claire

Grab coffee and a waffle when you stop in here. It's right downtown and has sales and service in the back side of the coffee shop. Learn More.

Compass Bike Lab - Eau Claire

This is really cool new shop with beautiful bikes, custom builds, professional bike fitting, and great service. Learn More.

Spring Street Sports - Chippewa Falls

Worth the drive. Spring Street Sports has a really friendly and knowledgable team with great bike inventory. They've also got an extensive xc ski lineup in the winter. Learn More.

Simple Sports - Menomonie

Nice shop in downtown Menomonie with bikes, disc golf, skates, and snow sports. Learn More.

Off the Bike

Phoenix Park

This is such a great park. It's at the confluence of two rivers and the confluence of a bunch of awesome downtown-y stuff including trails, art center, farmer's market, and food/shopping districts.

Artisan Forge Studios

A whole boatload of artists have studios and gift shops here. They also have a bunch of events and even a brewery inside.

The Pablo Center

Art center on the river with a beautiful plaza. Check out the shows that are coming through, go browse the galleries, or hang out in the plaza.

The Local Store & Volume One World Headquarters

You could easily say the epicenter of the local community heartbeat is at Volume One. They're a magazine, website, and event company at the heart of a bunch of great local initiatives and projects. The Local Store is also bursting with neat local products, art, and other great finds.

Lowe's Creek County Park

Southside mountain bike park with a creek running through it. Also beautiful in the winter with groomed fat bike and cross country ski trails.

Bike Shops
Off the Bike
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