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Gravel by Day. Pizza in the Pines by Night

Hidden away where you'd least expect it tucked right between the woods and the farms is Wedges Creek Hideaway. Space to spread out. Fires to warm the cool nights. Pizza, drinks, and a shower house. Everything you need for a memorable gravel weekend adventure.


Where is Wedges Creek?

Located precisely in the middle of nowhere, Wedges Creek is in Clark County, Wisconsin. The location itself is in the farm grid and has deep winding county forests just a short gravel ride to the west. It's also located a short gravel ride from the two small towns of Willard and Rock Dam that have places to stop for a bite, a drink, or a swim.

Eau Claire, WI: 1 hour

Wausau, WI: 1 hour, 15 minutes

La Crosse, WI: 1 hour, 45 minutes

St. Paul, MN: 2 hours, 15 minutes

Green Bay, WI: 2 hours, 30 minutes

Madison, WI: 2 hours, 30minutes


Why Wedges Creek?

The Perfect Basecamp to Launch a Gravel Weekend

Wood-Fired Pizza
& Full Bar

Tucked Away Off the Map


Bathroom & Showers

Tiny Cabins

Live Music
at Night

Gravel Routes from Wedges Creek

A great location for exploring forests and stopping in tiny towns for food and refreshments. Choose your distance then enjoy the best gravel routes in the surrounding area.


Route Descriptions

Sunset Cruise | 24 Miles

This route gives you a tour of the surrounding farmland. Enjoy the open spaces and thicker gravel on a great route for the early bird sunrise ride or a post-pizza sunset loop. Link to Map.

The Butler's Forest | 49 Miles

Head straight east and explore the Eau Claire and Clark County forests. You'll get onto some nice winding roads and cross the Eau Claire river a few times. On the way home, you want consider stopping in Rock Dam for a picnic on the beach or a beverage at A.K.A. Lakeside. Link to Map.

Chili Chili Bang Bang | 54 Miles

Half farmland  and half forest, this route makes a bit of straighter loop with a halfway point in Rock Dam. Link to Map.

Bon Gravier | 67 Miles

French for "good gravel", this is the good loop with good gravel, maybe even the goodest gravel loop. This hits all the local favorite gravel roads and dumps you deep into the woods and water. Link to Map.

Pinewood Derby | 104 Miles

This is the grand tour of gravel surrounding Wedges Creek. You really get it all here: Levis/Trow Mounds, Wildcat Mound Park, Coon Fork, and Mead Lake. You have officially earned your pizza so cozy on in at Wedges Creek and relax for the evening. Link to Map.


Two Ways to Stay at Wedges Creek


Wedges Creek has several campsites on the edge of the woods which is also nice and close to the food, drink, and shower house. The property is beautiful and really peaceful. It's a nice open space that's surrounded by pretty forest. The bathroom and shower house is really nice. It's also fantastic being able to eat and stay in the same place. When you're done with dinner, drinks, and sitting around the fire, you can just walk on over to your campsite for the night.


Tiny Cabins

They've a nice variety of little cabins with heat, a/c, and some with bathrooms. Perfect for solo travelers, couples, or small families. Then they've also got bigger cabins for larger groups with kitchen as well.

Gravel Highlights

Rock Dam

This is a small but nice spot centered around a campground and two bars. There's a great big beach with a pavilion and a lot of ATV traffic coming through. You can chill at the beach, stop at a bar, or head down and check out the dam. 


Coon Fork County Park

Coon Fork has a campground and beach on the east side as well as a pubic non-camping beach on the west side. There are hiking trails and canoe rentals here.

Lakes & Rivers

Enjoy the many river crossings and lake views throughout this area. Stop to grab photos or wade in the water and enjoy the northwoods.

Tiny Towns

Several nice spot towns make for great stops or destinations. Rock Dam and Willard are both on some of the gravel routes. Augusta and Fairchild are also both within striking distance. August has a great bakery on your way in our out of Wedges Creek.

Where to Grab Food & Drink

Wedges Creek

Right at Wedges Creek they have wood-fired pizza and bar on Fridays and Saturdays. They also have a few appetizers and dessert pizza. 


The Stockyard

This is a great lunch ride destination. It's a nice big bar and restaurant right at a campground. We like to get cheese curds here, but pretty much everything is good.

Boondock's Bar & Grill

You'll want to either drive here or modify a route and head here via Hamilton Falls Rd. This is a great towny bar with tasty bar fare, porch, and a bunch of ATVs hangin out.

AKA Lakeside

Awesome lakeside bar in Rock Dam. On beautiful Saturdays, this placing is crawling with ATVs everywhere. It's a simple bar with a great little patio area on the lake. Stop for a drink on your way back from riding.

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