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Your Favorite Gravel Race Moments of 2022

I asked email subscribers to share their favorite gravel race moment from the 2022 gravel racing season. Here are some of their favorite photos and memories of racing and community from this year's events.

Jack Durand

This was a Brainerd YMCA Gravel Grinders ride so I got to share it with my favorite riding companions. At 210.8 miles, I achieved my longest activity on Strava and for the sake of efficiency; my first two centuries in the same day.

Josh Rizzo

During my Heck of The North 105 race, my family was waiting at the mile-97 portrait stop. It was my first gravel century and the thought of seeing them on course filled me with strength and adrenaline to push through the last mile.

Photo: Josh Kowaleski of Pointed North Photo

Josh Kowaleski

Cracked. This rider is at mile 95 of Le Grand Du Nord and it shows. This is probably my favorite portrait from project portrait bike this season.

Rachel McCloskey

On October 15th I took on the Gray Duck Grit 111 miler with wind gusts of 25-35mph and temps around the low 40s. Two of us female cyclists are helping each other try to stay warm as we await the start to our day long journey across Minnesota's driftless region. 8 hours and 30 minutes later both of us would cross the finish line together to secure 1st and 2nd place.

Joe Roy

The Heywood ride this spring in Northfield, MN was the longest gravel ride that most of our group had done at the time, of course we did it in flannel! Shoutout to Ben, Marty and Michael for a wonderful event! And thanks to Greg for the picture!




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