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Your Fatbike & Coffee Adventures: Part 3 [PLUS WINNERS!]

Photo by Scott Haraldson
The Nxrth's January Fatbike & Coffee challenge just wrapped up a few days ago. We have loved following along with your trail coffee adventures on Instagram. Here we share the final installment of your Fatbike & Coffee adventures as well as this year's prize winners.

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Fatbike & Coffee Prize Winners

All prize winners were randomly selected from those who entered the contest and shared their Fatbike & Coffee photos.

First Prize

Winner: Pratik Prajapati

  • Wren Perseverance Adventure Bars

  • Ruby Roasters Creamery Blend

  • Ruby Roasters Cycling Water Bottle

Second Prize

Winner: Nikki Schmidt

Winner: Donavon Schumacher

Winner: Dan Cruikshank

Winner: Dustin Marsh

  • Ruby Roasters Creamery Blend

  • Ruby Roasters Cycling Water Bottle

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