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Top 6 Reasons to Join Us at Bikepacking Gear & Adventure Day

Our first 'Bikepacking Gear & Adventure Day' is coming up on Monday, April 3 at 7pm. If you're looking for bikepacking community and ideas for planning your next adventure, we hope to see you there. Here are the top 6 reasons to join us.

Bikepacking Gear & Adventure Day is a virtual event on Monday, April 3 at 7pm CST. Presented by Tailfin, we'll talk about all the gear and adventures we're most excited about for 2023. Register for the event here.

1. Connect with the bikepacking community!

Over 100 local bikepackers are already signed up for Bikepacking Gear & Adventure Day. We'll have a lively public chat where you can ask your route questions, give your gear suggestions, and share that one idea you've been dreaming about.

We'll be polling everyone about their favorite gear, bikepacking styles, and places to ride so you can see where everyone else is riding, and what hidden gems you should check out next.

2. Hear from our incredible bikepacking and route creating panelists

This is your chance to hear right from some of your favorite adventurers in the bikepacking community. Hear about the gear and destinations they're most excited about and then ask your own questions as well.

Here are the guests who are joining us:

Ashley Carelock - Rodeo Labs [Ashley on Instagram]

Ashley Carelock is a Texas native turned Coloradan and a self proclaimed diesel engine. She stumbled into bike racing in 2015 and quickly became hooked after winning her first race, a ten hour fat bike race in Silverton, CO. She has a special interest in ultra endurance events, especially multi day bike packing races. She lives in rural Southwest Colorado on a small farm with her two dogs, a flock of chickens and a hive of bees.

Dave Schlabowske - Life Above Eight [Dave's Website]

Dave Schlabowske was the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Bike Fed and is Event Organizer of the Hungry Bear 100 and Tour de Chequamegon community bikepacking event. He has also designed and published some incredible Wisconsin bikepacking route such as the Valhalla Beach Party, Wisconsin Waterfalls Route, and the Tour de Chequamegon.

Matt Acker - Salsa Sycles [Matt on Instagram]

Matt is an endurance cyclist who enjoys bouncing around between road, gravel, mountain, and fat bikes. There’s something about spending hours on end on the bike that he finds soothing and compelling.

3. Surprises from The Nxrth

We've been busy planning some adventures we can't wait to share with you.

Be the first to hear some exciting new announcements and get in on some special pricing only available for guests of Bikepacking Gear & Adventure Day.

4. Discover new routes and destinations to plan your next adventure

We're going to be talking about favorite bikepacking adventures around the northwoods and beyond. Join the conversation and discover some new adventures to add to your planning list.

5. Find out the new gear we're most excited about for 2023

We love our gear, do we not? Let's talk bikes, bags, cages, tires, and everything else we're excited about for our next overnighter or expedition. Join the conversation add your favorite new frame bag to the mix.

6. Prizes from Tailfin, Wren, & The Nxrth

We've got some fun new gear prizes to send to a few lucky winners from Bikepacking Gear & Adventure Day

Here's what we're giving away:

Prize 1: Surprise New Product Announcement from Tailfin

You'll hear more about this exciting Tailfin product announcement at the event. They spent over two years to get this right and we can't wait to send one to a special guest from Bikepacking Gear & Adventure Day.

Prize 2: Perseverance Adventure Drop Bars from Wren Sports

We got a chance to test one of these out and they're fantastic for bikepacking and other adventures. We're excited to send a guest home with a brand new one of these.

Prize 3: Gravel Bear Tee from The Nxrth

This bear was designed in Wisconsin and lives on the most comfortable t-shirt you will ever own.

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