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Top 5 Stories on The Nxrth | FALL 2022

With the winding down of fall, we're taking a look at the 5 most popular stories on The Nxrth from September, October, and November of 2022. This roundup covers some portraits, Gordon the blacksmith, and a whole lot of gravel racing.

1. Gravel Pizza Portraits

The inaugural Gravel Pizza Overnighter took place in September. 37 new friends biked the Northwoods and camped at a pizza farm together. Here are the portraits of the original crew of riders who biked a little gravel, hiked through a little sand, rolled through a little rain, climbed a couple hills, ate a few slices of pizza, and got to see one 10-inch pumpkin get blasted 700 yards from the largest cannon I've ever seen. READ THE STORY.

2. Filthy 50 Interview w Trenton Raygor Chatting About the Soldout Year 9 and the Community That Built It

The Filthy is a sellout gravel biking event in beautiful Lanesboro, Minnesota. In this story, we talked with co-organizer Trenton Raygor about October snow, the move to Lanesboro, and why the heck it fills up so stinking fast. READ THE STORY.

3. Meeting Gordon Gearhart, the 906 Awards Blacksmith

In 2015, Todd Poquette asked a local blacksmith, Gordon Gearhart about making belt buckles for an upcoming endurance cycling event. Since then, the iron-forged awards have been adopted for the Polar Roll, The Crusher, and Marji Geskick 100. They've become an iconic symbol of ruggedness, pain, and glory that only a small number of people ever get. READ THE STORY.

4. Winston County Gravel Cup Sophomore Year Recap & Gallery

Photo: Baxter Cochennet of Heelclickers photography

The Winston County Gravel Cup recently had its sophomore year of gravel in September. Year two saw nearly doubled attendance, great weather, and some stunning photos to relive the event. Here race director Jake Ellefsen shares a recap of the event and save-the-date for net year. READ THE STORY.

5. Red Granite Grinder Q&A with Shane Hitz

The Red Granite Grinder was a perfect way to close out the fall gravel riding season. This year's event gave access to private property segments and trails that aren't open to the public. In this interview, we talked with Shane Hitz about how he dreams up such unique courses. READ THE STORY.




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