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Top 3 Reasons to Join Fatbike Gear & Adventure Day

Fatbike Gear & Adventure Day is coming up on Monday, Dec 12 at 7pm. In this 1-hour virtual event, we'll talk about our favorite races, adventures, and fatbike gear so you can plan a great winter of fatbiking. Hit the link to join us.

Interested in being a part of this? Check out the top 3 reasons to join us here.

1. It's a Brand New Community Event with Laura, George, & Jill

We have some really rad guests talking all about their favorite fatbike gear, races, and adventures. Laura Hrubes, George Kapitz, and Jill Martindale are joining us and we want to hear from YOU. Bring your fatbike questions and join us in this brand new community event.

2. Learn About New Races, Adventure Hubs, & Great Gear

The best tips come from the ones on the ground who have tried all the gear and ridden all the places. We're going to talk with our fatbike panel about their recommendations on incredible fatbike experiences so you can discover new places and gear this winter.

3. Win Prizes from Wren Sports, 45NRTH, Embark Maple, The Nxrth, & Broken Spoke Bikes

Our sponsors and panelists are super generous and will be giving away some great gear to keep your adventures going this winter. Here are the prizes:

1. No-Nonsense Carbon Handlebars from Wren Sports

2. Sturmfist 4 Gloves from 45NRTH

3. 6-Pack of Maple Energy from Embark Maple

4. 'In the Woods' Sweatshirt from The Nxrth

5. Winter Beanie from Broken Spoke Bikes




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