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Top 13 Reasons To Join Us At Gravel Pizza

The second annual Gravel Pizza Overnighter is coming on Sept 23-24. Riders can choose between one night and two nights. This community bikepacking event includes bikepacking, camping, welcome drink, Embark maple syrup, and a farm breakfast in the morning.

To learn more and get registered, visit the Gravel Pizza Overnighter page.

Top 13 Reasons to Join Gravel Pizza

This community bikepacking event rolls through tangled waters and towering pines. Along the way, we'll make stops for cheese curds and again for a beer in Rock Dam before arriving at Wedges Creek for pizza, camping, music, and camaraderie.

These are our favorite reasons to invite you to join us for fall bikepacking together:

1. Meet Other Bikepackers

Ride with new like-minded people from all over the north. You'll have plenty of opportunities to ride with different people, join up with a new group, make new connections at the drink stop in Rock Dam, and sit around the fire sharing new stories at Wedges Creek.

2. Ride The Nxrth's Favorite Handpicked Gravel Grab Bag

The Eau Claire County forest is my (Josh's) gravel home and I put together all of my favorite stretches to showcase the area and give you a bikepacking experience with constant variety. Rivers, lakes, hills, winding forests, and farms. Total mileage is ~45 and there's not a boring mile on the route.

3. Finish In The Pines At Wedges Creek

This is a special place. It's tucked at the end of some beefy gravel roads and is surrounded by trees. Grab a drink and sit around one of the campfires and get to know new people while your pizza is being cooked. There are full bathroom and shower services so you can even freshen up for the evening.

4. Wood-Fired Pizza Is On The Menu

After a day of riding, you gotta eat well and wood-fired pizza is tough to beat. Pies run about $24/each, they're made to order, and they've got dessert pizza on the menu as well.

5. Live Music From The Sliced Bread Jug Band

As the sun is going sun is going down, enjoy music on the farm from the Sliced Bread Jug Band. Wedge's Creek has an outdoor stage with seating and campfires as well as an indoor event building in case of inclement weather.

6. Route Stops Include Cheese Curds & Beer

Two famous gravel stops are perfectly spaced right on the route: Vojtik's Stockyard for cheese curds and ice cream and then AKA Lakeside for a drink on the lake in Rock Dam.

7. Constant Views Of Rivers, Lakes, & Towering Pines

Bike through a rotating scene of forests and waterways. The Eau Claire river splits and we'll go by the north and south forks of the river. We'll also be hanging out at Rock Dam Lake for a drink at AKA Lakeside before the final leg of the ride.

8. Farm Breakfast Is Included

Wake up at Wedges Creek for coffee, eggs, hash browns, sausage, and toast. After filling up, we'll pack up our tents and head back to the starting point via a shorter gravel route.

9. Add The Optional Community Night & Social Ride On Friday

Add a second night of riding, camping, and stopping at Boondock's for drinks and apps on Friday night. This is a community night and will be a great time to get to know others before the riding on Saturday.

10. You Can Leave Your Cookset & Stove At Home

No need to cook. The entire weekend is built around having places to stop and eat on the route. You can grab food at Vojtik's Stockyard for lunch on Saturday. Supper is pizza at Wedges Creek, then farm breakfast is included on Sunday morning before beginning your ride back to the cars.

11. Welcome Drink Is Included (You Rode Hard. You Deserve It)

Park your bike and set up your tent then head on over to the bar and grab a free welcome drink. They've got beer and wine on tap which tastes amazing-er after a nice long ride.

12. Embark Maple Included

Salted maple syrup is the perfect energy source for long distance rides. The sugar gives you energy and the salt helps you stay hydrated. Your includes 3-pack variety sample of Salted, Coffee, and Elderberry.

13. Fall Season Means Cooler Nights

Summer is winding down and fall is gearing up. Enjoy cooler riding during the day and a flannel evening around the fire as chillier nights start to become the norm.

To learn more and get registered, visit the Gravel Pizza Overnighter page.




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