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The Winter That Wasn't: Northwoods Ramble Ep 11.

The newest episode of The Northwoods Ramble podcast recently dropped. Seeley Dave and TJ talk about ice riding, the lack of normal winters lately, and the conditions and snow making up around Seeley and Cable.

From the Northwoods Ramble Podcast:

It’s been a month since the last Ramble. I guess that is better than the two months between show 9 and 10. Anyway, Seeley Dave and TJ are back for Northwoods Ramble Show 11 and a review of the winter that wasn’t. 2024 started out with a New Years Day paddle down the Namekagon River for Dave and Liz.

With almost no snow this winter, we go swale watching to see the piles of manmade snow the Birkie has stored and intends to spread out to create a 10K loop for the 50th. TJ explains a bit about the Birkie’s snowmaking capabilities. We discuss the huge economic hit the area has taken from winter lack of visitors. Dave gives an update on his frozen lake riding goals.




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