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The Filthy 50 is Turning 10: Roll Back Through 1 Photo From Each of the Last 9 Years

The 10th anniversary of the Filthy 50 is taking place on Saturday, October 14 in Lanesboro, Minnesota with registration for 1,000 riders opening on June 21. To celebrate the 10th year, we're taking a trip through the past 9 years of Filthy races with 1 photo from every year.

To learn more or register for this year's event, head to The Filthy 50.

Photos and captions contributed by Trenton Raygor.

Year 1: 2013

209 riders started out the inaugural year.

Year 2: 2014

The Filthy has always been about family. Eric Roedel has lined up every year. After his first year, he started bringing his kids along for the ride.

Year 3: 2015

Those fall colors just hit different when you're riding a bicycle.

Year 4: 2016

The Dusty 50 just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Year 5 :2017

Every year there are miles of smiles out there. Filthy fun is infectious.

Year 6: 2018

The name was earned. This was the first tough weather year. This was also the first year that "The Crapper" appeared on course.

Year 7: 2019

It started to snow mid ride, yet spirits remained high.

Year 8: 2021

1000 Filthy riders returned to downtown Lanesboro after a year off for the pandemic. We needed this more than we could have imagined.

Year 9: 2022

Grub Hill is a truly magical place. You don't want to miss it.

Year 10: 2023

The 10th anniversary of the Filthy 50 is taking place on Saturday, October 14, 2023. Head over to The Filthy 50 to get registered or to learn more.




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