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The Eau Claire Gravel Guide is Live [SNEAK PREVIEW]

Today we're sharing a brand new Gravel Guide for the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area. This guide includes top-to-bottom tools for planning an incredible gravel weekend and downtown escape in Eau Claire. It will be available publicly later this year or join the Adventure Team tier of our Patreon to get early access NOW.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin is located at the confluence of two beautiful rivers and is a launchpad for three distinct gravel biking adventure clusters. Discover new gravel roads, happen upon unexpected rural gathering spots, then make it a full experience with downtown Eau Claire's vibrant city adventures.

Inside the Eau Claire Gravel Guide

  • 6 routes in 3 distinct gravel areas

  • 260 miles to explore

  • 4 top lodging picks

  • Breakdown of 7 best restaurants

  • 5 spots for evening drinks

  • 3 spots for coffee

  • 5 non-bike activities that locals love to make it a full weekend adventure

  • Brick oven pizza camping destination

Join the Adventure Team tier on Patreon to get early access to the Eau Claire Gravel Guide Now




Plan a New Gravel Adventure

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