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The Bikepacking Gear Lending Library in Seeley, Wisconsin is Now Live.

Dave Schlabowske from Life Above Eight recently opened a Bikepacking Gear Lending Library with ultralight equipment, tents, bags, stoves, and more. Gear can be picked up and dropped off in Seeley, Wisconsin on your way up north for bikepacking. Learn more and explore rental gear here.

To learn more, visit Life Above Eight or browse the Gear Library.

Bikepacking is a lot of fun, but the gear to enjoy your trip can be expensive to purchase. Life Above Eight in Seeley, Wisconsin built out this Community Bikepacking Gear Lending Library so people who have never gone bikepacking can give it a try without investing in all the bags, small, lightweight tents and sleep systems, etc. Those who like bikepacking, but only do it once or twice a year can also rent the gear rather than make the $1,000 plus investment in stuff that sits on a shelf 50 weeks a year.

Pick up and return the gear from Dave Schlabowske in Seeley, Wisconsin, or make arrangements with Dave to drop off and pick up at a local bike shop. Contact Dave with any questions at

Head over to the Bikepacking Gear Library to check out the gear!




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