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Tailfin Drops First Line of Top Tub Bags in Two Configurations, Three Sizes, & Universal Mounting

UK-based Tailfin Cycling just announced a new line of weatherproof top tube bags to add to their options for technical bikepacking equipment. Two years in the making, they've designed all components, materials, and bikepacking straps for these bags in house and aim to address gaps in other top tube bag options on the market.

Styles & Sizes

The new range of top tube bags comes in either a zip-opening or flip-lid opening. The zip-opening bag comes in 3 sizes of .8L, 1.1L, and 1.5L and the flip-lid opening bag comes in two sizes of 1.1L and 1.5L.

Both styles arrive compatible with both straps as well as well as direct mount options. This is a great feature because it means you easily move your bag to different bikes without needing to buy multiple mounting versions.

Top Tube Bag Issues Tailfin Aims to Address

Working with their R&D division of riders, they set out to innovate on conventional top tube bags by addressing what they consider to be the main weaknesses with other options such as:

  • Instability

  • Knee rub

  • Frame rub

  • Waterproofing

  • Bags lacking both strap and direct mounting options

  • Aesthetics


Using their V-Mount system, the top tube bags grip tightly to any top tube bag and ships with a variety of strap lengths to be compatible with virtually any bike. Due to the extra stability of the V-Mount system, the bags don't even need to be strapped to the head tube like other top tube bags.

Frame Rub

Along with instability generally comes the additional problem of frame rub. As bags wag back and forth, traditional velcro straps and abrasive bag materials can rub the gloss and paint off a bike. Tailfin claims that the V-Mount system completely eliminates all instability and won't cause frame problems even on long expeditions.

All-Bike Compatibility

Tailfin has done several things to make these compatible on all bikes. First, the three sizes across two opening styles helps pick a configuration that fits your bike size and carrying needs. Second, the fact they come with straps and direct mounting hardware means you won't need to buy both versions for different bikes. Lastly, the bags ship with an extra long strap to be compatible on bikes with extra long top/head/down tube union.

Fat bikes generally have a very tall top/head/down tube union so I'll be curious to see if the long strap will cover that distance on a fat bike.


0.8L Zip: $65

1.1L Zip: $70

1.5L Zip: $75

1.1L Flip: $75

1.5L Flip: $80


While Tailfin doesn't make every bag option on the market, they're known for pouring an incredible amount of innovation, engineering, and testing into each product they announce and that's extremely evident in these bags. With every component and material designed in house and tested over several years before going to market, including their patented Mag-Lock closure system on the flip-lid bags, you can bet these are going to perform at an extremely high level. To learn more, head to their zip-opening page or flip-lid opening page.


Dan Cruikshank
Dan Cruikshank
Mar 30, 2023

I couldn't find any mention of where these are made on the Tailfin website.

Replying to

The bikepacking dot com announcement says these are manufactured in China.




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