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Saunas, Enduro, & Durango in Episode 5 of The Northwoods Ramble Podcast

In episode 5 of the Northwoods Ramble podcast, Seeley Dave interviews Ben Welnak, who started the popular Mountain Bike Radio podcast. They ramble about the early days of podcasting, the movement to video and somehow get on the subject of saddles and suspension dropper posts.

Ben talks about how he landed in Hayward after living in Colorado, the guys also ramble about the similarities between Durango and Hayward. They discuss Ben's very cool vacation rental properties and his sauna rental business.

Ben's sauna rentals: ⁠Northwoods Sauna⁠

Ben's vacation rental properties: ⁠Up North Stays⁠

Turtle Flambeau Flowage Camping Sites:

Marinette Waterfall Loop route collection:

Dave also welcomes back TJ, who gives and update on the new green trail up to the top of Telemark and the new downhill runs that are part of the Trek Trails Powered by OTM at Telemark Village. They share a video of them riding, the new green trail up and back down, and discuss the next green and blue downhill trails that Rock Solid will soon have two crews building at Telemark. TJ also talks about a new Enduro series he is planning at the downhill parks around Lake Superior.

TJ asks viewers to give suggestions on which trails to include in the Enduro Series via comments below on YouTube or by sending emails to




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