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Riding on the Wind: Review of Tailwind Rapid Hydration

Tailwind Nutrition recently launched their Rapid Hydration with 5 flavors and a light flavor to support athlete hydration during endurance activities. We've been dumping some in our water bottles this fall and are sharing a few thoughts and photos here.

To get 25% off a Starter Kit, head to Tailwind and use code THENXRTH25

First, the Taste Test

Tailwind Rapid Hydration has a nice range of fruity but not overpowering flavors - orange, strawberry lemonade, lemon lime, raspberry, and berry that all have a clean, subtle taste. One nice thing is the absence of artificial flavors like sucralose. Instead, Tailwind opts for a touch of real cane sugar, aiming to let the natural flavors shine through. If you have a go-to energy mix, it's easy to have too much of a good thing and quickly get sick of flavors and I've been enjoying the light taste of these that isn't over the top.

Hydration Efficiency With a Forgotten Bottle

There's a lot of nerdery in the energy industry and I do not claim to understand the necessary nutritional mix for endurance rides so this is just from an average guy's experience going on gravel and road rides this summer. Staying hydrated can often be the difference between loving spending hours on the trail and hitting the wall. Tailwind's claim of hydrating faster than water alone definitely intrigued me. By incorporating electrolytes and sugar, it supposedly activates the body's active transport mechanism, resulting in significantly increased water absorption.

During my rides, I didn't notice any amazing magic or voodoo but I did accidentally forget to bring more than 1 small water bottle on my recent 2 hour ride and my only hydration was a 20oz water with 1 packet of Rapid Hydration and I felt pretty great on the ride. I'm someone who normally brings all 3 bottles if I'm out for 2 hours or more so I was happy with how hydrated I felt despite being undergunned.

Decoding the Ingredients

Again, I'm not exactly an expert on nutrition and ingredients. I just need it to work. The ingredient list is short and hits on several proven winners. There is 320mg of sodium, a light 10g of sugar, vitamin C and the balance of electrolytes and vitamin C accelerates what they claim is faster hydration than water alone. One packet mixes with 18-24 ounces of water which works together to replenish what you lose during your workout.

The Flavor Palette

Tailwind Rapid Hydration's variety of flavors - orange, strawberry lemonade, lemon lime, raspberry, and berry - offers options for diverse taste preferences. Our testers found the flavors to be a refreshing departure from the monotony of traditional hydration solutions, adding an enjoyable aspect to the hydration routine.

Tailwind Rapid Hydration Review

Tailwind added this new product into their endurance energy mix with efficient hydration and a flavorful twist. Most of my rides are in the 2 hour range and only occasionally extend beyond that for longer gravel races or multi-day bikepacking. Regardless of the ride, I almost always need 2-3 bottles of water and Tailwind's Rapid Hydration helped boost my energy and keep me hydrated with some flavors I enjoy. To get 25% off a Starter Kit, head to Tailwind and use code THENXRTH25.




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