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The Filth 50 takes place in the Driftless region of Minnesota in October. Race organizers recently dropped a video that is a love letter to cycling the gravel roads in the Driftless region.

From the Filthy 50 Youtube Channel:

The gravel roads of North America's Driftless Region are incredibly special to us. So special, that 9 years ago we put on a gravel ride to introduce all types of people to some of our favorite roads.

We started riding together to help dad get healthy. He was in a bad place after his battle with cancer and the bicycle was the key to fixing that. A lot has happened since then.

Year after year we have spent more saddle time on those Driftless roads and more and more of you have chosen to join us. Many have shared stories with us as to why they showed up and what riding there with us has done for them. This past winter, Nicholas Kapanke of Checkpoint Zero Films, put my thoughts to some film that he captured at last year's Filthy and made 'Ride More Drift Less'.

Thank you, Nick. Enjoy and then get out there and ride. We hope to see you all this fall in Lanesboro.




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