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Readers' Routes: Scott Haraldson and the Maiden Rock Route

Today's Reader's Route comes from Scott Haraldson and includes a few hours of driftless climbing hear Lake Pepin. A short and enjoyable one hour fifteen minute drive from the Twin Cities lands you in the small town of Maiden Rock. This route packs as many climbs and gravel roads as possible while keeping the distance under 60 miles.

Submission from Scott Haraldson

With eight categorized climbs (Based on Garmin's ClimbPro calculations) and up to 15 percent grades you'll get the lungs and heart pumping.

To start your day park your vehicle in the Maiden Rock Village Park before pedaling north out of town. Before long you'll already be pedaling yourself up out of the river valley and quickly onto gravel.

There are a not many water stops so make sure to bring enough bottles and food to get you through the day. At mile 41 you'll ride through the town of Plum which has a well stocked convenience store and a couple of great options for food for those who want to sit.

My very favorite portion of the route comes near the end where at mile 52 you begin a three mile downhill on a very narrow, rough road, that depending on the weather may have multiple stream crossings (that are easy to navigate across).

Finish up back in Maiden Rock and stand elbow to elbow with other two wheelers (of the motorcycle variety) at the Six String Saloon.

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