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Readers' Routes: Kiel Hynek and the Sand County Careen

Today's Reader's Route is a modification of the Sand County Caress bikepacking route from Kiel Hynek. It explores the beautiful Necedah National Wildlife Refuge. Enjoy the views of wildlife on this flat route.

Submission from Kiel Hynek

This route seeks to take advantage of as much of the available space within the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge as possible. You'll see a variety of almost completely unpaved roads ranging from the most pristine gravel you could ask for all the way to pure sand. There are a multitude of roads to allow you to either avoid excessive sand or to cut down the total distance.

While you won't encounter much elevation, the sand can be vexing at times, however the majority of the route makes up for it with immaculate biking surfaces and stunning views of wildlife especially during waterfowl migration.

Take note that there are several trails in the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge that are off limits to bikes and they are clearly posted.

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