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Our Anniversary Bike Weekend: Tofte Trails Cabin at the Center of North Shore Adventures

Tofte Trails is a brand new cluster of 5 peaceful cabins in a central location for gravel, mountain bike, and hiking adventures on the north shore of Minnesota. My wife and I recently spent a weekend exploring the Tofte area with bikes and coming back to relax in the lux little cabins deep in the forest.

To learn more visit Tofte Trails or follow along @toftetrails.

My wife and I just celebrated our 14 year wedding anniversary this June and went to Tofte Trails to unwind, take some space together, and be active outdoors on bikes and hikes.

From the creators of Cuyuna Cove, I was following along with the brand new Tofte Trails cabins that were recently built in one of my absolute favorite areas of the north shore in Minnesota. So I was over the moon when founders Chris and Kelsey invited us up for a complimentary stay to share this new adventure with the community on The Nxrth.

My 1UPUSA bike rack only has slots for 2 bikes but we each wanted to have gravel and mountain bikes so we traded racks with a friend (thanks Dan and Megan!) and loaded up our 4 bikes heading north.

Here's where we rode and what we found when we were up there.

Biking Around Tofte Trails

2 people, 4 bikes, what could be better?! There is a lot to explore from Tofte Trails and we started with gravel bikes in the morning and switched to mountain bikes in the afternoon.

If you're a bikepacker, you'll know this area from the Straddle & Paddle route which is just north of the cabins. You can also see below for a map of some suggested gravel routes in the area.

This is the north shore, so you'll find plenty of low traffic wilderness roads, beautiful rolling hills, lake views, and cool air. Plus each of the cabins has a storage shed right on the cabin for easy bike storage.

Minutes Away: Jackpot, High Climber, & Britton Peak

Onion River Road is right at the center of Lutsen area mountain biking. A 4 mile ride (800 ft climbing) out your front door puts you right in the middle of the the Jackpot and High Climber trails.

It's a 16 mile professionally built wilderness trail connecting Lutsen and Britton Peak. This flowy trail is a blast and when you're done you can bomb Onion River road back down to Tofte Trails. Hold on tight; it's an exhilarating descent.

Chilling in Lux Little Cabins in the Forest

Everything about this place is dialed in sooo nicely. Each cabin has a private space, peaceful deck patio with chairs and a fire pit. The sliding floor-to-ceilling windows were really immersive.

We pulled up our table right next to the windows and felt like we were on top of the forest for the weekend.

This is not your everyday place. It's a no-kids, cabin for 2, super special destination. And the list of amenities is ummm....quite comfortable.

Let's try to name a few:

  • Full-wall projector screen

  • Indoor gas fire + outdoor wood fire

  • Bike storage

  • Lux king bed

  • Fully stocked kitchen (w french press & Chemex)

  • Spa-inspired bathroom

  • Grill & mini fridge

Every detail has been thoughtfully designed and hand picked and we were in heaven. And I'l say the contrast felt pretty fun. We rode bikes in the woods, got sweaty and mud-covered, then returned to our peaceful sanctuary.

Off the bike, there's just so much to explore. Lutsen mountains are a few minutes away. Lots of great restaurants, endless shoreline, and Grand Marais is a half hour drive away for a great small town adventure.

When I was in college we came up to hike the Superior Hiking Trail all the time and the Oberg Mountain segment of the SHT is 2 miles up Onion River road. There are at least 4 beautiful overlooks with sweeping views in all directions.

On The Map: Surrounded by the Best of Biking

Visiting Tofte Trails

Tofte Trails opened less than a year ago and is now open for stays all year long. All 5 cabins are king bed, 1-2 person cabins, and you can even bring your pet. It's going to be tough to decide which bike to bring because it is really surrounded by some great adventure opportunities.

To learn more or book a stay, head over to Tofte Trails.




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