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Nxrth Gravel Jerseys Are Done! [First Look]

We recently opened a Borah store with our first run of jerseys. Made in Coon Valley, Wisconsin with American-made fabrics, these feature Nxrth-y fades and adventure topo lines. They should have hit mailboxes now and we're excited to show you how they turned out.

Let us know if you'd want us to open another round of orders in the future: .

And here they were (pictured below) in production at Borah's solar solar-powered facility. Printing, cutting, sewing, and ironing.If you ordered one, thanks for repping The Nxrth!

We hope it was worth the wait and that you enjoy your new jersey.

Copy of Ride Across Wisconsin SMALL Flyer -   (8.5 × 2.75 in) (970 × 250 px).png


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