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New Bikepacking Route from St. Paul to Duluth, "Following the Gandy Dancers".

Following the Gandy Dancers is a new bikepacking route from Todd Gunzenhauser that connects St. Paul to Duluth, Minnesota. Enjoy cycling through rich history, remote roads, and great handpicked spots for camping, food, and more.

Route & Photos by Todd Gunzenhauser

Escape the Twin Cities' rhythm and find gravel freedom on this multi-day route from Saint Paul to Duluth. Each part of the ride offers unique charm, from urban trails to charming towns and remote forests. Much of the route follows the Gandy Dancer Trail which is named after the railroad workers who laid the railroad tracks in the early 1900s. Using tools known for their rhythmic work style made by the Gandy Tool Company of Chicago, the early railroad workers laid down rails from Duluth down to St. Croix Falls and beyond.

While many cyclists have completed the Twin Cities to Duluth via the paved Munger Trail we wanted a little something more remote. This route is about 60% gravel ranging from smooth crushed stone to soft-sandy ATV track.

Route at a Glance

Distance: 166 Miles

Days: 2-3 Days

Elevation: 4,110 ft

Gravel: 60%

Pavement: 40%

Full Route Guide Includes

10 Camping Options


Grocery Options

Pizza Stops

Pubs & Taverns

Coffee Shops

Trail Info

Lots more




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