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New Bikepacking Gear Lending Library in Seeley, WI: Northwoods Ramble Ep. 3

In this shorter solo episode of the Northwoods Ramble, Seeley Dave goes through all the things in the bikepacking gear lending library that he has put together. Seeley area community members and visitors can borrow or rent this gear to try bikepacking without having to invest in all the expensive camping equipment and bikepacking-specific bags for something they may not like or have time to do often enough to justify the expense of owning everything.

In this episode Dave describes the tents, quilts, air mattresses, bags and other gear, explains how they work, and their benefits and features.

Items in the Bikepacking Gear Lending Library

Below is a list of the Bikepacking Gear Lending Library Equipment available to loan as of this podcast. Email if you are interested in borrowing any of it.

  • 5 Salsa EXP Anything Cradle

  • 5 Salsa EXP Dry Bag for Anything Cradle

  • 5 Relevate Designs Terrapin 14L Seatpack

  • 5 Big Agness Copper Spur HV UL2 Bikepacking Shelter

  • 5 Exped Synmat Ultra 1R Mummy air mattress

  • 5 Enlightened Equipment Apex 50° Quilt

  • 5 Trekology pillows

  • 5 BRS 3000T Stoves

  • 1 (so far) Alpacka Raft Caribou RTS

  • 1 (so far) Aqua Bound Whiskey 4 Piece Paddle

Visit ⁠the episode webpage on for more info⁠.




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