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Meet Home Base, The New Bike-Out-Your-Door Adventure Hub in Cable

Home Base trailside lodging in Cable just opened this fall at Telemark Village in Cable. With 10 brand new rooms tucked around a community plaza and a unique slate of bike-specific amenities, it's an incredible location for bike-out-your-front-door adventures with friends and family.

To learn more or book a stay, visit Home Base at Telemark Village and follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Photos by Josh Rizzo and Dave Schlabowske. This story is part of a paid partnership with Home Base.

Home Base recently opened in Cable right at the epicenter of a whole bunch of bike energy and community at Telemark Village in Cable.

I recently spent a weekend at Home Base with my son to see the Mt. Telemark Village development first hand and experience Home Base's trailside lodging experience and community. While we were there, we checked out the trails surrounding Home Base and enjoyed the weekend around Cable.

Home Base: At the Epicenter of Trail Development & Community

Home Base is located right at Telemark Village and the confluence of a ton of trails. It's as close as you can get to the trails which makes it an awesome place to ride out your front door to ride singletrack or take part in one of the dozens of races taking place throughout the year.

Bike/Ski Out Your Door to CAMBA, Birkie, Trek Trails, Cable, & More

The Telemark Village area is the host to a very long list of great bike events, is a launchpad for gravel and singletrack, and is in the middle of an accelerating project that's transforming the Telemark and Cable area with new trails, plazas, a nordic/bike community center, and a bunch more.

Trek Trails are literally in Home Base's backyard and are an AMAZING new network of professionally designed flow trails and downhill runs. The Birkie also developed a beautiful paved trail system for roller skis, biking, and walking for all ability levels. And ALL of this connected to the massive CAMBA Trails and Birkie Trail.

Amenities Designed For Bikers

When I talked with Dave Tworek (founder/owner of Home Base with his wife Ronda) at Home Base, he was pretty passionate about the entire vision being about getting people excited about what's outside of your room at Home Base rather than what's inside. "There are already plenty of hotel rooms. What we want is for trailside lodging to bring people together outside".

Here's how they designed their trailside lodging to build outdoor connections.

1. Penman Plaza

All 10 rooms face the central plaza to gather after races or meet other traveling weekend cyclists around the campfire. Families, friends, and teammates, have a central place to spend more time together outside.

2. Three On Demand Campfire Rings

I love how thoughtfully designed this concept is.The main gas fire pit is right in the center of the Penman Plaza and is a great family friendly environment. Then there are two more gas fire pits outside of the plaza where friends can stay up a little later at night or have a little more space away from the central plaza if they want.

3. Two Park Tool Bike Stands Under the Pavilion

If you're spending the weekend exploring trails and beating up your bike, you'll love the Park Tool work stations that are built right into the pavilion in the Penman Plaza. They're covered from the elements and give you a place to change a tire or fix that annoying sound coming from your derailleur.

4. Bike Wash Station With Park Tool Stand

Right next to the bike maintenance station is a bike wash station with Park Tool stand. Sure, a bike stand and post is a pretty simple amenity but it's another way they've built the whole place around spending more time outside and having everything you need for a great bike weekend right there. If you're ripping around the trails, you're going to get messy and this is a really convenient and thorough way to wash your bike off.

5. Shared Community Screen Porch

Can you hear the mosquitoes? Let's face it, mosquitoes are a part of spending time up north. Home Base has a sweet shared screened patio. If the mosquitoes are bad or it's raining, you have a great place to still spend time together outside while having a little buffer from some of the less pleasant elements of nature.

Inside the Rooms

There’s a reason this section is last. As mentioned earlier, Dave and Ronda Tworek want to emphasize that everything is designed to bring people together outside. There are other hotels, but this is a place for the outdoor community to come together outdoors in the best location possible.

That being said, the rooms are pretty awesome.

Step inside and the very first thing is a bike storage area with drainage built into the floor. You can stay here in the winter, get caked with snow, and have a place to store your bike indoors where the ice buildup can thaw and go down the drain.

After that, it’s a nice simple place to bring the family or teammates. Rooms have a table, kitchenette, really nice bathrooms, and two bunks that sleep up to five people total. Rooms have high-speed internet, Air Conditioning, and heat.

Heading to Cable? Book a Stay at Home Base

Between all the events, tons of gravel biking around Cable, and MTB trails, bikepacking trips, and just loving the area in general, we keep finding ourselves back around Cable. When you see the location of Home Base, you’ll love how centrally planned it all is. Everything you love about biking and events in this area is accessible right from your front door. And when you’ve had your last flat tire or are just ready to call it quits for the day, Home Base is really well designed for you, your bike, and your bike crew.

All reservations can be booked right on the Home Bas website so head to Home Base Lodging to book your bike and ski weekends.




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