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Join a Bikepacking 101 Rendezvous in Seeley or Eau Claire

This March and April, Life Above Eight is putting on two Bikepacking 101 Rendezvous in Seeley and Eau Claire. Learn about bikepacking routes in the area and check out some gear at these spring bikepacking meetups.

Join Seeley Dave for a free, fun rendezvous to learn about bikepacking. Dave will bring the Bikepacking Gear Lending Library he maintains so you can see the different shelters, sleeping systems, bikepacking bags and other gear available for locals to use. He will have tents set up, air mattresses, bikepacking bags, etc., all for you to check out in person.

The Seeley event will take place on Saturday afternoon, March 16 at the Freight Station Theater at the Sawmill Saloon. Learn More.

The Eau Claire event will take place on Wednesday evening, April 17 at Compass Bike Lab. Learn More.

You can borrow what you need from the Bikepacking Gear Lending Library to give bikepacking a try without buying lots of expensive gear. Bring your bike and try fitting the bikepacking bags to see how they fit.

Dave will also give a short presentation about different routes in the area, which GPS navigation systems he recommends and bikepacking websites he refers to for routes and gear reviews..

Already an experienced bikepacker? Awesome, bring your rig, favorite gear and some stories from a trip to share!




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