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Hiker's Brew was founded in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on the values of sustainability fo the outdoors. Noticing an issue in the modern-day coffee industry, they created a solution for outdoor enthusiasts. Their packaging is compostable and their sizes are perfect for bikepacking.

For bikepacking ,Hiker's Brew comes in Venture Packs which are 1.25oz packs of ground coffee that make 2-4 cups. Flavors include Hazy Hiker, Some Mores, Red Rocks, and Van Life. Non-flavored options include Mike Marker and Yurt Dirt. Their coffee also comes in 12oz Basecamp bags.

Learn more at or visit them @hikersbrew

Hiker's Brew Review by Garrett Denney

Confession time: I am a total sucker for coffee on the trail.

At home, my coffee routine is eclectic: I regularly rotate between a French Press, Chemex, and even a venerable Mr. Coffee for when we have company. Heck, there is even the rare day where I brew a latte on the Nespresso. But away from home when I’m looking for a fresh cuppa, I am always reaching for a packet of ground beans.

It hasn’t always been that way. I’ve been similarly eclectic in how I pack and prepare coffee on the trail while bikepacking. For years I relied on instant coffee – the tiny packets of fine-ground beans that dissolve into boiling water – largely because of a friend’s recommendation.

Dissolvable coffee worked well enough and even saved me a bit of weight and space on my rig because I could leave my coffee press kit at home. But it wasn’t perfect either. Many of the blends that I packed in those early years lacked the rich flavor and smooth consistency that are hallmarks of my home-brewed coffee.

That changed when I stumbled on Hiker’s Brew, a boutique coffee company has been making sustainable coffee since 2016. Founded in Eau Claire, WI by a pair of outdoor enthusiasts, they fuse a wide palette of coffee beans with artistic packaging and slim form factors.

Tried and true favorites like regular dark roast are complimented by flavored varieties like s’mores and hazelnut. No matter your coffee preference, they’ve got you covered. The best part? All products are available in single-serve pouches, meaning you can take as many as needed for your next trip.

The company also makes a point of incorporating sustainability into the core of their mission. With compostable packaging and carbon neutral shipping, Hiker’s Brew is trying to do its part. Next time you’re packing your saddle bag for an overnighter, grab a packet (or two…or three) of Hiker’s Brew for the journey. Just remember to toss in at least one extra pouch so you can help spread the good word.




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