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Get Ready for the "Best of Gravel" 2024 Reader Poll

On Thursday, March 21st we're launching the vey first "Best of Gravel" reader poll. Readers of The Nxrth will get a chance to vote for their 2024 favorite gravel things in a few select categories in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Add your voice to the gravel community and vote for the best gravel things in the 2024 Best of Gravel reader poll. Voting opens on Thursday, March 21st and runs until Thursday, April 4 at midnight.

Here are the categories you can vote on:

Voting Categories

1. Best Gravel Race for Competitive Racing

2. Best Gravel Race for Community Vibes

3. Most Beautiful Gravel Race

4. Best Adventure Hub for Gravel Biking

5. Best Bikepacking or Bike Camping Event

Help Your Gravel Community Vote for You

Let your community know to vote for you in the Best of Gravel reader poll. Download our free promotional tools and share them on social media and on your website to spread the word and get the most votes.




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