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Every year winter comes around and I talk myself out of getting a fat bike.

I remind myself that last year we didn’t get that much snow and I probably won’t get enough use out of one anyway.

It would sit in my garage while I run my cold errands on the studded tires of my all-road Kona Rove ST.

Then came 2020-21 which included:

1. A global pandemic

2. Minimal travel

3. Everything that’s fun was closed

And of course:

4. Plenty of soft beautiful rideable snow

That was all fine and good except for one little problem:

Fat bikes were sold out everywhere.

A few friends jumped on the train early enough, called a bunch of bike shops all over the state, drove a couple of hours, and snagged one while it was still early.

I wasn’t so quick to the punch.

You already know what happened next: The snow fell, the fat bikes went out en masse, and I twiddled my thumbs with more than a little jealousy.

But to be honest, winter has always been a favorite season of mine for cycling. Hardly anybody else is out, the frosted trees and trails are beautiful, and (if dressed appropriately) the cold, authentic wind on your face feels amazing.

So I resolve to get out anyway...even though I’m riding the “wrong” bike.

My Kona Rove ST isn’t a fat bike but it is:

a.) Equipped with studded tires for the ice


b.) Tons and tons of fun on the snow.

I regularly get out to ride weekly for coffee runs, trail riding (not groomed fat bike trails though, of course), social rides with a friend…

...and generally just messing around on a fun bike during a beautiful winter season.




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