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Fat Season Kickoff: Brian Davis's Top 5 Event Picks

To kick off the fat bike season, we're asking a few friends to share their top 5 fat bike race picks, plus one deathbed fat bike adventure. Here we're sharing Brian Davis' list which takes us all over Wisconsin and then ends up in Maine. Enjoy.

Brian Davis is a Wisconsin-based YouTuber who wants to bring down the learning curve for bike races. He documents his races with videos that bring a lot of fun and positive race vibes. Check out his YouTube channel or some of his other projects including Hollow Socks, Fix It Sticks, and the Back Bottle.

Brian Davis Races on YouTube and Instagram.

Brian Davis' Top 5 Fat Bike Race Picks

1. Fat Camp | Feb 3 Suamico, WI [Snow Crown Series]

A fatbike race at night on a wide open cx ski track under the lights sounds like an amazing experience AND IT IS! I love racing fast and in large packs, it's extremely fun, exhilarating, a little dangerous and very, very, very fast. Most of the race is on a wide course, but about 1/3 of each lap dives off into single track, tight riding with trees surrounding the racers and a little bit less light in those areas and it makes each lap a battle for position as we head into the tight section, then it opens up again and it's game on - full gas repeat, repeat. After the racing the chalet provides a really nice place to talk smack, warm up and enjoy a beverage. Lovely race in a lovely place. Learn More.

2. Rip, Zip, & Sip | Minocqua, WI

This race does things a little differently and that can be a great way to change up the program. Nearly the entire race is on tight single track through the gorgeous northwoods. The rolling elevation changes starts to take its toll on your legs after the first lap and then it's a battle with yourself to stay on the gas as you are constantly distracted by the insane beauty of the landscape. Lots of tight turns and a few ripping downhills keep you on your toes. FInishing the race with a sled finish is a perfect reminder that no one should be taking fat biking too seriously; it's just so fun. Following the race, all participants get access to the zipline and then of course a whole bunch of beer and food is available afterwards as well. Always a good time! Learn More.

3. Shelltrack at Silver Creek | Dec 16 Manitowoc, WI [Snow Crown Series]

This was my first fat bike race ever and it still holds a special place in my heart. The course is used during cyclocross season too and it gives a really nice mix of tight single track and open field areas making passing possible. It's a quick lap so you get to see the adoring fans every 8 or 9 minutes. My biggest challenge at this race is keeping track of my own laps (I’m terrible with numbers anyway and even worse when my lungs are exploding). The views along lake Michigan give you a little something to look at while you are exploding your heart. The finish party at this race is always fun and the Le Mans style start is funny to watch, so much scrambling to find your own bike its hilarious! Learn More.

4. Fat Bike Worlds | Jan 26-28 Leadville, CO

This was my first road trip for a fat bike race and it did not disappoint. The organization behind FB worlds chose the group out in New Richmond, WI as hosts and I headed out to see how FB worlds works. I found out it works great. Really passionate local hosts put on an incredible race with multiple days of events, a welcome party, a finish party and a whole lotta fast riding. While I usually don’t love golf course races, this one mixes up a lot of terrain changes to provide an exciting race dynamic. I enjoyed the fellow racers and having such large fields allowed you to always be chasing someone down and that keeps things pretty fun even if you are in the back of the results page. Learn More.

5. US Fat Bike Open | Feb 10 Green Bay, WI [Snow Crown Series]

As a part of the amazing Snow Crown series as well, this race is so well organized it just makes you feel like you are a world-class racer. US Open jerseys with stars & stripes are on the line and there is most certainly a lot of talented racers toeing the line to bring that jersey home. I am not in the running for those things, but I sure give it everything I have and the course pushes my limits. The hills are short and steep and just enough to kick you into cardiac arrest as you try to navigate the fast downhills. Ups and downs punctuate this course but the real star of the show is the after party in the golf course club house. Dancing, drinks and a very generous raffle provides a lot of off bike entertainment. Bonus - I won the major raffle and walked out with a brand new fat bike last year! Learn More.

Bonus Death Bed Fat Bike Adventure: Hut-to-Hut in Main

I have no real knowledge of how this trip would work, but oh man I would love to find out. I think packing up for a hut-to-hut trip in Maine would be the cats pajamas. I would especially look forward to not racing and just enjoying the scenery along the way. I can imagine having access to some support if needed would be a major stress-reducer for that type of adventure. I think I would pick one friend to ride with in similar fitness but more importantly a similar mindset to just go enjoy the moment with no rush to acheive anything in particular. I spent a vacation in Maine last year and really enjoyed the people and the vibe of Maine. I’d be up for this one! Learn More.




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