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Everything You Need to Know About the New "Old Fashioned Gravel" Race This October

Old Fashioned Gravel is a brand new, full-driftless gravel race coming to Hokah, Minnesota this October. Starting and ending at a farm, this race promises to bring you back to your gravel roots with a variety of routes, post-ride gathering, and an unforgettable gravel adventure.

To learn more, visit Old Fashioned Gravel or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

Q&A Paul Reardon, Race Director

Why is this event happening at a farm and what's special about that spot for starting and finishing?

The property the ride will be starting and finishing on has been in our friends Gabe and Annie's family for years. They purchased it last year. It is a big farm nestled in a valley with beautiful views.

The barn is going to be the center of the event, it is a cool old structure with a rustic feel, like really rustic. Gabe and his family have been working hard to spruce things up for all of you.

The really neat thing about this property is the fact that they are working with the State of MN to develop a sustainability plan for the property. Their goal is create a partnership with the State to restore and invigorate the land in a way can easily be maintained for generations to come. We will also be donating a portion of the proceeds to help with this project.

Also did we mention the farm is surrounded by fabulous gravel roads?

"Old Fashioned". Tell me about the name. Is this a nod to the wonderful supper club drink or a nod to grassroots old school gravel?

The name as you said has a couple of meanings. There is a definite nod to Supper Clubs. Meeting with friends and family and enjoying each others company, and maybe a delicious beverage or two.

There is always a nod to the hard-working folks that are the root of this sport, we welcome them all to come ride some fun roads!

3. Who is putting this race on?

Putting bike races on simply could not be done without all of the industry friends we have made over the years, and our amazing community. Working closely with local businesses, volunteers, friends and family that help make this all happen.

I am the director of this one, all by myself. I live in La Crosse and own Blue Steel Bike where in the winter I build custom titanium and steel bicycle frames.

In the summer I work as a race mechanic with Education First/ONTO Cycling development team. When I am not on the road with the team, I work a number of gravel races around the U.S.

In all my free time, I like to organize and put on races and puppies, I really like puppies.

4. What kind of riding should people expect and who should participate?

These routes will be challenging. We have everything from an 18 mile route, on the shorter end of things, but you will still have to climb the bluff twice with 1300 feet of climbing. You will encounter rolling hills once on top of the bluffs, lots of farms (and animals), and a good amount of wide open to wooded descents.

All of the routes have spectacular views.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is the 100 mile route with 8200 feet of climbing. A challenge for the most seasoned rider.

As I say with all the rides I have helped produce, if you want to race, we will be timing, and we wish you luck.

If you want to come challenge yourself, or just go for a ride with other rad people, make new friends, eat, drink, and laugh, that's what it is all about!

We would love to hang out with all of you!




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