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Bike Fit Friday with Paulie at GO PHYSIO (4 of 4): The Biggest Mistake Everyone Makes With Bike Fit

Paulie from Go PHYSIO has the been around the block a time or two and I asked him what's the most common mistake people make when setting up their own bike. Here he discusses the relationship between the rider and the bike and why LOOKING fast does not always equal RIDING fast.

About Paulie Glatt: As a competitive cyclist with a history of low back pain, Paulie has a great understanding of how critical a proper bike fit is to our experience on a bicycle. He rides Road, Gravel, Mountain, Bike Packs, and commutes by bicycle throughout the entire year. His longest race was The Day Across Minnesota, a 240-mile gravel race that he completed in 17 hours.

To learn more about Paulie or to schedule a professional bike fitting, visit GO PHYSIO.

Hey Paulie, what's the biggest mistake people make when setting up the fit on their own bike?

Paulie Glatt:

Trying to look like the pros tends to be one of the most common mistakes I see. Looking fast does not equate to riding fast. More often than not, this approach results in discomfort, poor efficiency, and limits a rider’s ability to endure long rides.

In general, riders tend to overlook their physical limitations. Factors like hamstring mobility, core strength, and hip range of motion need to be considered for a proper fit. An ideal bike fit is about more than achieving recommended joint angles and getting your knee over the pedal spindle.

It’s not about simply molding a bike around a rider. It’s about the relationship between the rider and the bike. Usually both can be improved. Every rider leaves my studio with a few recommended exercises.




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