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7 Favorite Parts of The Coon Fork 40. Plus 5 New Additions for 2024

The second annual Coon Fork 40 is taking place on Saturday, Aug 24, 2024. The beach-to-beach woodsy adventure has 3 routes and includes 2 lakeside parties and free food and drink. Registration goes up after March 31st. On the fence? Check out some of the best parts about the adventure.

To learn more or get registered, visit the Coon Fork 40. The Nxrth is a partner of this event.

Prices increase on April 1.

Photos by Branden Nall, Michael Lundebrek, and Nick Meyer

5 New Things for the 2024 Coon Fork 40

The first year of the Coon Fork 40 in 2023 saw nearly 300 people come out to ride and hang out. 2024 is looking forward to even more riders and some upgrades to the inaugural year. Check out what's in store.

1. Brand New Finish Line & Final Mile

They've reworked the finish line to drop everybody right in the heart of the beachside afterparty after riding along the wooded backwaters of Coon Fork Lake.

2. Chip Timing

New for 2024, they're adding chip timing to ensure accurate info and same-day awards

3. Halfway Hang & Finish Line Party Enhancements

Even more food, music, and good vibes for the beach to beach adventure.

4. New Bathrooms & Trails at the Finish Line Party

Coon Fork is getting some upgrades which will make hanging out with friends and family even more comfortable.

5. Camping!

Maybe this isn't entirely new but it's fun! Coon Fork campground is BEAUTIFUL. Bring your family or friends and make it an entire weekend of community and biking.

Our Favorite 7 Things About This Year's Coon Fork 40

1. Brand New Finish Line & Final Mile

Already mentioned above, but this will be fun. One of the new thing for 2024 is a brand new re-worked finished line and final mile of the Coon Fork 40 routes. The final mile takes you along the wooded backwaters of Coon Fork Lake and the finish line dumps everyone right into the fun of the After Party at the beach.

2. The Hidden Waterfall Bridge

This is the bridge I drove right past a whole bunch of times and never knew it was there. It's nicely hidden and is the perfect way to start a mass rollout for a deep woods adventure.

3. Hundreds of Friends Scrambling Around the Woods

Sure, there are three different routes with three different distances. But the fun part is seeing friends rambling all around the woods and having the halfway hang roughly in the middle of everyone's ride so that you can intersect with friends racing different distances and different speeds. Then the everyone congregates again at the final beach at the finish line and the community fun just continues.

4. Winding Wooded Roads

Let's just say that a lot of text messages have been exchanged in a group effort to put all the best segments of these woods into the best possible gravel adventures for the three distances. It's a deep woods adventure and we take a lot of pride into inviting you into some of our favorite backyard winding gravel roads.

5. Stopping at the Halfway Hang Beach Party

Coon Fork 40 is more about community than speed and this is especially true with the Halfway Hang and Finish Line Party. Both parties have enhancements for 2024 and we're already looking forward to intersecting with friends from different routes at both of these spots and enjoying some lakeside food and drink.

6. Off-Grid Double Track Segments

Finding a great stretch of doubletrack is the creme de la creme of exploring the woods. They're tightly treelined and are an intimate way to experience a remote ride. These segments of single lane gravel tracks are sprinkled throughout the day and are all rewarding.

7. Lakeside After Party

Your registration includes a free drink, free meal, and free friends. When the races are said and done, everything keeps going long after bike are put away. We'll be hanging around enjoying some awesome people in a beautiful place.

Join the Adventure!

Be a part of fun and get registered at the Coon Fork 40. Registration is $55 through March 31 then goes up by 10 bucks. Hope to see you there!




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