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5 Reasons to Cancel 4th of July Plans & Ride Freedhem 76 Instead

Freedhem 76 is an annual gravel race held in Freedhem, Minnesota around the 4th of July. Here we explore 5 perfectly rational reasons to cancel your normal plans and get registered for the event.

To learn more or get registered to ride, visit Freedhem 76.

Words by Mike Hawkins.

Photo by David Markman.

The Freedhem76 Gravel ride/race is a homegrown event organized by volunteers of the Brainerd YMCA Gravel Grinders cycling club hosted by the Freedhem Store in Freedhem, MN.

This Independence Day themed grassroots race is a chip timed multi-distance 76-mile, 46-mile, 106-mile gravel grinder, and 22K open run held on some of North Central Minnesota’s finest gravel, MMRs, and trails.

After the race riders can grab a pint from Jack Pine Brewery, scarf down an Andy dog, listen to live music, and even win a prize or two. Let Freedhem Ring!

5 Reasons to Join The Independence Day Themed Ride

Reason 1: Electric Guitar & Hot Dogs

Electric guitar national anthem, hot dogs, live music, and ice-cold beer. No other reasons needed.

Reason 2: Take Some Space From the In-Laws ;-)

You could use a well deserved break from hanging out with your In-Laws, or that one cousin.

Reason 3: No Lottery

No lottery needed to enter this race (yet).

Reason 4: Beach

We have a beach (disclaimer: there is no water near this beach. You'll know what we are talking about as soon as you see it.

Reason 5: Gravel Cyclists Are Cool

Gravel cyclists are the best people to spend your day with. Hands down.

Cancel Your Plans, and Ride Freedhem 76

Come join riders from ​ all around the globe*, for a day on central Minnesota’s finest gravel. You will certainly leave with an overwhelming sense of fulfilment knowing that you were a part of the greatest gravel cycling event on planet earth**.

*Mostly Minnesota, but we do consider ourselves an international race since a couple guys plan to come down from Canada.

**Subjective and might be a slight exaggeration, but we are some pretty cool people and would love to have you ride with us.

Register at and check out the Freedhem76 and Brainerd Gravel Grinders cycling clubs Facebook and Instagram pages.




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