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5 Great Adventure Ideas for Global Fat Bike Day [And 4 Pretty Dumb Ones]

Global Fat Bike Day is coming up on December 2, 2023. There are usually a lot of great events and group rides to celebrate the day. Here we give several additional options. If your town doesn't have any organized rides or you're looking to just get out with a few friends, here are some ideas to get you started.

Here in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the U.P. it's anybody's guess whether or not we'll have snow on December 2. But who cares, right? Bikes are fun and there's something special about where fat bikes can take you on snow, dirt, grass, or pavement.

Today we're tossing a few ideas for ways to celebrate Global Fat Bike Day. You can turn these into formal events to invite the entire community or just enjoy a ride by yourself or with a friend.

7 Great Adventure Ideas to Celebrate Global Fat Bike Day

1. Bike and a Bonfire

You don't even need to get out in the woods to have a great fire. Have your one Strava nerd friend map a local ride and end at someone's house to have a backyard bonfire.

2. Pot Luck on Fat Bikes

The destination could be an overlook, park, or a bend in the river. Meet a few friends, ride a few miles, and have everyone show up with a dish to share that you can enjoy together when the ride is done.

3. Dawn Patrol Ride

Get your bike and gear ready the night before because there's a good chance you're going to be grumpy when your alarm clock rudely interrupts your sleep early on a Saturday. Wake up and get rolling before the sunrise (which isn't hard in the winter) and enjoy riding in the dark as it slowly transitions to morning.

4. Trail Coffee

Coffee snobs, this one is for you. Bring a boiler and a way to make coffee like a french press, pour over kit, or minipresso. Or skip the coffer maker altogether and just ride with a thermos of hot coffee you made at home. December can get a bit chilly and a hot coffee takes the edge real nicely.

5. Join a Global Fat Bike Day Official Event (Many of Them Are Free)

The Nxrth's fat fat bike event calendar is full of official events in a lot of different cities. Go see if there is one near your or hop in the car and head north to join one of these fun rides. A lot of them end with some fun social gatherings and food. Enjoy.

4 Pretty Dumb Ideas for Global Fat Bike Day

1. Fat Bike Piñata Bash

Attach a piñata to your fat bike and take turns trying to break it open while blindfolded during the ride.

2. Fat Bike Karaoke Ride

Using only Voile straps, mount a portable karaoke machine on your fat bike and go on a ride where participants can sing their hearts out at designated stops.

3. Fat Bike Tug of War

Arrange a friendly tug-of-war competition between fat bikers, with a designated line in the snow or sand. The catch? You're all on your fat bikes!

*side note: Based on the laws of physics, I highly doubt this is possible.

4. Fat Bike Water Balloon Fight

Fat Bike Water Balloon Fight: Carry water balloons on your fat bike and engage in a water balloon battle with other riders at a designated area. Please please please make sure the water balloons are not frozen though.




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