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11 Amazing Dangle Mugs for Bikepacking & Camp Drinks

There are many options for dangle mugs for bikepacking including capacity, material, handles, and insulation. There has always been a debate about the actual practicality of these and whether they're more utilitarian or more decoration. Take a look at some of the characteristics of a good dangle mug here.

In the world of bikepacking, where every inch of storage space is precious and bouncy terrain is the norm, the choice of your camp mug can make a significant difference in your total outdoor enjoyability factor. Enter the beloved dangle mug. Dangle mugs have a free spirit and just bounce around whatever they bump over.

Here we look what makes a truly good dangle mug, why on earth you would use one, an 11 of the best ones every made.

What Makes a Good Dangle Mug for Bikepacking?

Not all camp mugs make good dangle mugs. Dangle mugs have a tough job to do and they play a role different than an average camp mug. Here are a few characteristics of a great dangler.

A Good Dangle Mug Has No Cap (Or Has a Locking Cap)

A good dangle mug should feature a cap-free design or a locking cap. If the cap is held on by pinching pressure alone, chances are it's going to come loose and you're not going to realize it until 20 miles later when you show up to camp ready to mix up some cherry kool-aid.

A Good Dangle Mug Is Unbreakable

Durability is key, and a dependable dangle mug should be crafted from materials that can withstand the rigors of bikepacking. Look for options made from tough, shatterproof materials to ensure it can endure bumps, drops, and the occasional rough handling.

A Good Dangle Mug Has An Attractive Appearance

While functionality is paramount, aesthetics matter too. A good dangle mug should combine form with function, boasting an appealing design that complements your bikepacking gear and adds a touch of style to your journey.

Bonus - You Can Cook In a Good Dangle Mug

An exceptional dangle mug goes beyond the ordinary by doubling as a cookware piece. This bonus feature allows adventurous bikepackers to use their mug for both drinking and cooking, expanding its utility and making it a versatile companion for outdoor cooking adventures.

Why Would You Use a Dangle Mug?

Using a dangle mug on a bikepacking trip offers a unique and practical solution to the age-old challenge of enjoying a beverage on the go.

Unlike water bottles, dangle mugs hang securely from the handlebars or saddle of your bike and frees up valuable space within your bikepacking setup. They also eliminate the need to stop and rummage through your gear for a quick sip.

Apart from that, they're just...kind of fun. They bounce around. Some people also think they're absurd so they provide the added benefit of kindly annoying those friends.

In no particular order, here's a list of tried and true dangle mugs. You have plenty of options from single wall to double wall, titanium vs aluminum, as well as capacity choices.

Single Wall Dangle Mugs

Single walled dangle mugs are simple, light, less expensive, and get the job done just fine. They're generally not insulated and won't keep your drink as hot or as cold for as long but hey...this is camping, not the Ritz Carlton.

Toaks Ti-Single - 450ML

The 450ml is among our customers' favorite titanium camping gear. Its folding handles and silky-smooth texture complement your morning beverage, making for a pleasant experience that's easy to pack. Any of our 650ml or larger pots easily contain this cup. LEARN MORE.

Snow Peak Ti-Single - 450ML

The Ti-Single 450 Cup is made of ultralight Japanese titanium. Designed for everyday use and backcountry excursions, the Ti-Single 450 Cup can be placed directly over a heat source for cooking or warming. The mug features foldable handles for compact storage and is built to last.

Olicamp Space Saver - 700ML

Lighter than our traditional Space Saver Mug,The Space Saver Mug with Grip fits snuggly over the bottom of a 1 quart, round Nalgene bottle and the Klean Kanteen 40 oz saving valuable space in your pack. Hard anodized surface makes this nearly scratch proof, easy to clean, and it looks great too. Large enough to boil water for freeze dried meals. The new innovative handle design keeps the handle cooler when used for boiling water or cooking. This will be your go-to pot for fast and light trips. Graduations on the side for measuring just the right amount of water. Holds 24 oz to the brim or 20 oz to the top graduation. LEARN MORE.

The Nxrth Gravel Bear Dangle Mug- 350ML

The Nxrth's own enamel mug with the lovable angry black bear shredding gravel in the woods. Give this mug a home on your bike and look like a champion. LEARN MORE.

Dangle Supply Ti Cup - 420ML

The classic camp look includes an incredibly lightweight thin-wall Titanium construction and an elegant tubular handle which isolates your delicate fingers from whatever temperature you've got going on in that cup. LEARN MORE.

No longer do you need to fuss with foldable handles that give way when you need them most. This beautiful Titanium cup is perfect for tea at home, coffee around the campfire, whiskey while summiting, or for proudly displaying on the open shelving in your Scandinavian-modern inspired home. LEARN MORE.

Vargo Titanium Travel Mug - 450ML

The 450 ml Vargo Titanium Travel Mug is a great companion both on and off the trail! Whether your journey includes sweeping mountain vistas, chatting with friends at the local coffee shop, or reading the paper at your kitchen table, its folding handles, titanium construction, and 450 ml capacity make it large and small enough to go where you do. And its stay cool rim won’t burn your lips while drinking your coffee or tea. Single walled construction means it’s ready to go for cooking, too. LEARN MORE.

MSR Titan Cup - 400ML

The ultralight MSR Titan™ titanium cup is perfect for long treks when every ounce of weight makes a difference. LEARN MORE.

Double-Walled Dangle Mugs

Double-walled dangle mugs are for those looking to live more deeply. Cold drinks stay colder and warm drinks stay warmer. These insulated mugs also keep your finger temperature regulated and your heart happy.

Snow Peak Ti-Double - 450ML

The Ti-Double 450 Mug is a durable and ultralight camping cup. The mug is eco-manufactured with advanced welding techniques and is made of Japanese titanium. With a slimmer design, the Ti-Double 300 Mug can nest within the Ti-Double 450 Mug for simple storage for daily use and camping sets. The mug’s double-wall insulation keeps beverages warm or cool.

Snow Peak Ti-Single.

Toaks Ti-Double - 370ML

The TOAKS Titanium 370ml cup is corrosion-resistant and lasts for years. Rounded bottom edges make cleaning easy and improves heating efficiency. It is much sturdier than the average cup and it comes with a mesh storage sack. LEARN MORE.

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Camp Cup - 450ML

Your new favorite, no-slosh, double wall cup. When hanging out around the campfire with friends, you need a simple, durable camp cup to keep your favorite beverage close at hand. The double-wall insulated design holds in hot or cold while the clear Sip-through lid ensures that you won't spill a drop.

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Double Walled Espresso Cup - 33ML

Unique, double-walled, stainless steel design delivers a piping hot shot of espresso coffee while not burning your lips.

BONUS: The Dangler Pro - Dangle Mug Specific Bike Bag

No one likes drinking dirt. So why not keep that ole mug clean and bike glamp in luxury with the Dangler Pro. Less jangle more Dangle. LEARN MORE.




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