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Anderson's maple syrup has been a labor of love in Cumberland Wisconsin since 1928. What started as a hobby blossomed into a tradition of organic maple syrup that is now fueling endurance athletes.

Pure Fuel is single-serve maple syrup gel packets that are meant for athletes to consume during their activities. With no additives of any kind, Pure Fuel is a plant-based, high quality, all-natural carbohydrate, with extra benefits like minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Pure Fuel has become a staple in the up-north adventure cycling community. You'll see them at events like the Birkie and Fat Bike Worlds as well as supporting cycling teams in the area.

In this interview, I chatted with Christine Anderson on why they're so supportive of the cycling community and how maple syrup benefits athletes.

Interview with Christine Anderson:

Why did you decide to add Pure Fuel to your maple syrup offerings?

I am a marathon runner and a few years ago, I was talking with my brother about the difficulty swallowing those thick energy gels. Some of my friend also had stomach issues and even more difficulty with those gels.

We did some research and found that Pure Maple Syrup naturally contains many of the vitamins and minerals that are helpful for endurance athletes in terms of energy source (Mix of glucose/fructose & low glycemic index) and muscle recovery (potassium, vitamin B, zinc, and over 65 antioxidants)---and it tastes better and is easier to swallow.

Steve thought it would be worth a try to package our maple syrup for athletes and Pure Fuel was started.

We also discovered that people who struggle with stomach issues when taking in fuel did much better with pure maple syrup. That may be because it’s 100% pure, it’s thinner viscosity or the natural glucose to fructose ratio— whatever the reason-- it is easy to digest.

Pure maple syrup also won’t freeze during those winter runs.

Andersons seems really involved in the cycling community; why is that important to you?

One of our production managers is a fat biker and he started using it during his training and bringing some pouches to his races to pass out.

We got a lot of positive feedback from the bike (and running) communities about the natural alternative to energy gels.

Around that same time Chris Stevens just happened to be one of the project managers for the company that built my brother, Steve’s, house. We got to know him through that process and when he heard about Pure Fuel he immediately called us up and we’ve been thrilled to work together ever since.

We have been involved with quite a few cycling events such as Lutsen 99er, Maah Da Hey trail rides, Chequamegon 40 and trail rides, Fat Bike Birkie, etc.

We’ve also been a sponsor for the American Birkebeiner ski races and Twin Cities, Fargo and Grandma’s marathons as well as other shorter races.

How has the cycling community received your product as a processed energy gel alternative?

The cycling community, and the broader endurance sport community, has been extremely interested in pure maple syrup as a natural alternative to energy gels.

We have been able to be involved with some great races and have heard feedback from riders of all levels and distances (ie. Gravel 240, fat bike, mid-distance gravel, etc.)

Is there a growing demand for natural energy options?

We believe athletes of all types are looking for natural energy sources. Not only that, but Pure Maple syrup production allows producers and land owners to maintain healthy old growth hardwood forests which are so important to combating climate change.

Our industry's maple stands are actively maintained in order to promote growth over the long term. So pure maple syrup is a natural choice for our bodies as well as the environment.




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