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New Bikepacking Route: Chasing The Train, Minnesota

We're excited to share a new Minnesota bikepacking route that connects the Amtrak stations in St. Paul and Winona. You can "chase the train" out of the metro area and its suburban sprawl and into the river towns of Cannon Falls and Redwing. You'll then climb back out of the river valley and traverses the top of the bluffs before descending back down into Winona. Upon arriving in Winona you board the Amtrak and ride the rails back to Saint Paul.

This route is now available to Patrons on our Adventure Team tier. To early access to this route and all future bikepacking routes and gravel guides, join us on Patreon.

What the Chasing the Train Route Guide Includes

  • Five route highlights to catch the best parts of this adventure

  • Camping ideas

  • Best restaurants and cafes

  • Places to grab a drink

  • Where to refuel on groceries and water

  • Everything you need to know about Amtrak bike reservations and bike requirements

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Heads up, a similar route looks to exist on RideWithGPS but, in Rosemount, goes through what is posted private property operating as a gravel pit on the University of Minnesota’s UMore Park and continues through UMore Park on the other side of county road 46. Enforcement of the newly posted signage has been stepped up recently and you will be, as I have been, stopped and sternly told how to get off the property as quickly as possible. There are plenty of other routes around this area on public roadways.




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