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Handcrafted Salami from the Driftless Region Born for Frame Bags & Pro-Level Gravel Charcuterie

Driftless Provisions makes award-winning salami with humanely-raised heritage pork right in Viroqua, Wisconsin. We've been throwing it frame bags to bring on gravel charcuterie rides and share some initial thoughts here.

Driftless Provisions produces Pork, Venison, and Bison salami in Viroqua, Wisconsin. To learn more visit Driftless Provisions or follow them in Instagram.

From the Root Cellar to Your Charcuterie Board

HQ'd in Viroqua, Wisconsin, Driftless Provisions is all about the art of local, thoughtful, and definitely awesome salami. They're deeply rooted in the connection between the land, animals, farmers, and people.

Founded by Ryan and Kristen Wagner, their journey began where all good journeys begin, in a root cellar. It was there that Ryan learned the art of salami and developed unique profiles that pay tribute to European traditions while embodying an American spirit. Inspired by the area's rolling landscape, trout streams, and small family farms, Ryan's vision was to share the heart of the Driftless area by bringing it right to tables near and far. Gathering around the table, enjoying good food and drink, and sharing stories of the field has always been at the heart of their mission. Driftless Provisions' dedicated team works together to create premium products that not only celebrate the land, animals, and farmers, but also invite people to experience a taste of the Driftless themselves.

Sourcing & Ingredients

Their products are all created around the idea of thoughtful sourcing and the use of pure, simple ingredients. Pork is exclusively sourced from Berkshire hogs, a heritage breed raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or animal byproducts. Locally sourced grass-fed beef, honey, and maple syrup are common ingredients throughout their salami line. In 2022, Driftless Provisions completely eliminated synthetic nitrates from its entire product line and maintain a commitment to never use artificial additives and fillers.

Does it Pass the Gravel Charcuterie Test?

We've recently been enjoying the beautiful art of gravel charcuterie and took Driftless Provisions out on several rides. It has been lovingly Voile-strapped to fork blades and slipped in a couple frame bags for mid ride snacks with friends and lakeside destination rides with family.

Salamis come in 4.5oz packages with a 1oz serving size. That's pretty much the perfect size for shoving in a half frame bag. It's plenty of meat for a few people but it's not too big to fit around your pump, spare tube, and multitool.

Bring a knife or you're going to have to eat it like a barbarian and charcuterie should clearly be kept fancy. Even if you ride like a houligan, you should eat like royalty.

All this needs for pairing is a nice hard cheese. You can build your spread out however you like, but even keeping it simple with just salami and cheese makes for a memorable mini-dining experience.

Sure, there are plenty of salami options in the grocery store, but I love the simple high quality ingredients from Driftless Provisions. It's a premium taste with a whole bunch of flavor and meat options. And I love that it connects me right to some of our region's best land for bike adventures, the Driftless region with it's beautiful hills, rivers, trees, and community.

To learn more visit Driftless Provisions or follow them in Instagram.




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