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Cedaero just announced a handlebar bag that's specifically designed to carry a small camera system safely on your bike. Check out the details about this product drop and a gallery of images. It's available in 20 colors plus a whole bunch of optional customizations.

More about the Cedaero Viewfinder pack HERE.

From the Cedaero product announcement:

The Viewfinder is a camera pack that performs equally well on or off the bike. We sized this pack to be a perfect point-and-shoot companion, with a little extra room for a second lens, flash, or other goodies. All sides of the pack are padded, and the interior gives your sensitive electronics hugs, not scratches. Need a divider to keep things tidy? That comes standard. Need a strap? We've got you covered. And did we mention it's compatible with Peak Design Anchor Links? Yep, sure is. And when it's off the bike, the handlebar straps fold flat on the back of the pack so they're out of the way and out of your life.

While we designed this pack with the photographer in mind, it has become a favorite for general handlebar pack usage as well. It's super stable and perfectly sized for lunch, and the flip-top lid makes for easy access to what's inside. And we cannot make any qualified claims, but the foam panels do keep your beverages colder for longer. This pack is a great option for narrower handlebar setups, as it's about an inch narrower than our Bar Hopper pack.


More about the Cedaero Viewfinder pack HERE.




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